Build Your Network – Powerful Connections for Professional Success

It’s your network…ASPIRE, CONNECT, ACHIEVE!

The path to success begins with your first connection. Networking provides the chance to gain knowledge and insight from like-minded professionals who have been where you are, and are where you want to be. Build your network – make powerful connections for professional success—because the right connection can change your life.

Productive networking requires strength, confidence and a desire to succeed. That first meaningful connection creates a foundation, enhancing your life for professional and personal success. The key to attaining your goals through networking is building relationships over time and strengthening those contacts. Developing and maintaining quality connections, enriches your life and empowers you to achieve your goals. Remember, give first – share your knowledge and expertise. Help others succeed, and in return, learn from everyone you meet.

Networking opportunities are all around you. Here are some ways to achieve networking success:

Get Out There!
Making in-person connections is critical in the networking process. Remember, quality over quantity – making meaningful, lasting connections is your primary goal. Optimize your network by attending IAW’s upcoming Regional Networking Summits and our 2015 National Networking Summit in New York City. Learn how to build a successful career and life from visionary leaders and connect with influential and accomplished professional women from all over country.

Build Your Web 
Embrace technology and make it stick! Professional connections are just a click away. Online networking provides instant communication and updates about events and new opportunities. Utilize the internet for visibility and social engagement. Build your professional online presence by creating a LinkedIn profile and showcasing your professional brand. Join an industry conversation that’s trending on Twitter. Update your social networking sites daily with interesting topics about your field. Who knows! It may spark discussion that can lead to a meaningful connection.

Plant the Seed
Networking and professional relationships need nurture and care. After cultivating deep connections, a flourishing network develops. Continue to email, respond and follow-up. Keep building off your existing network and exposing yourself to new opportunities to meet new people. Persistence, motivation and unique ways of thinking are essential qualities to maintaining a strong network of professional contacts.

Here’s to networking success!

We want to hear from you! How has networking impacted your professional life? Do you think networking is important to achieving career success? 

  1. Lois Hill


    You are right..Networking is in TODAY…I am trying to build my network. I am looking for another Job and it is going very slow. I am now working Part-time, but I am looking for Full-Time as a Receptionist/Secretary in the New York or Jersey City area. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me….Thank you.

    • Wanda Lopez

      Good luck on your search for new employment. I find that networking with ex coworkers and, family members is key to getting a position that best fits your experience and desired path. These are people who will know what you are capable of and, what you deserve. Keep your feet moving forward with a positive attitude and use this time to reconnect with people. It will surprise you how many relationships you will rekindle while also creating opportunities for yourself. It worked for me and, reaching out kept me distracted from the stress of being unemployed.

  2. Anna Longo

    Great article. I am a firm believer that when you build relationships, mentor, coach and help others you benefit as much as the individual you are working with. Many of my industry connections have enriched my life and empowered me over the years. By sharing my knowledge and expertise I helped other to succeed, and in return, when I needed them they were there for me.

  3. Sherry

    Great article and very good to be reminded of things like this. I have been in the Income Tax business for 40 plus years and am starting to wind down. I am looking for an internet business to do at home. If anyone has a suggestion as to what one or ones would be good and not cost an arm and a leg and is reputable, please let me know. Thanks

  4. Lorna McCarty

    Thank you for the excellent “Build Your Network” ideas. I became a member of NAPW late last year. I am the founder of a relatively new business, looking to build my clientele. As a certified professional relationship coach I work with couples in long-term relationships rekindle the passion and closeness they once felt. Love to hear from other members and get your feedback on my website at

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