5 Steps to Better Financial Security With a Side Hustle

We live in the age of the side hustle of intelligent young professionals branching beyond their career paths and building new revenue streams. 

It’s not a new idea — people have been freelancing on the side for as long as they’ve had marketable skills. But a new generation of tech-savvy individuals codified and scaled the concept of the side hustle in entirely new ways. 

It is now possible to build a side hustle that can supplement your income, protect against instability in the market, and possibly even launch a new business. 

A career coach and strategist, Jena Viviano, maneuvered the treacherous waters of multiple career changes, launched her side hustle and started encouraging others to do the same. In this eBook, Jena shares the key things to consider and the steps to take if you’re interested in achieving better financial security through a side hustle.

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