5 U.S. States That Support Women

If you need a change of scenery, why not choose from states that support you? Your first thought when moving might not be, will it help me expand my business or find employment. Yet, it is possible to find a state that fits your needs. The following states aid women in growing their businesses, finding employment opportunities, paying for education loans, or planning for a family. Not every state can check all the right boxes, but these made the top of the list.


Our capital city might be the next palace you move to for a larger salary. It ranked number one for the highest median earnings for female workers

Not only does it have one of the highest minimum wages (15.20 per hour), but it also recently included extensive paid leave benefits. However, women of color do not see the same benefits, but the Washington Area Women’s Foundation is changing that. The organization has a Stand Together Fund, which provides funds to people of color-led and serving survivor support and advocacy organizations. Plus, the organization gives direct cash assistance to more than 320 women of color and/or immigrant women care workers.


Ranked number one for women’s overall health care and safety, staying healthy is a breeze for women living in Massachusetts. 

The Massachusetts General Hospital partnered with the Harvard Medical School has a Center for Women’s Mental Health clinical program for perinatal and reproductive psychiatry information. It covers PMS, PPD, menopause, breastfeeding, prenatal substance use, postpartum, and more. 

There are tons of state-funded programs for women as well, like the Women’s Health Network. It helps women with cancer screening and diagnostic services, case management, and patient navigation to underserved populations. 


Growing academically does not have to be a financial burden in Minnesota. It is ranked number one for overall women’s economic and social well-being. 

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education offers the SELF loan with no application, processing, or guarantee fees. It is a long-term and low-interest loan for residents of Minnesota or students of a Minnesota institution. As of the end of this March, the variable interest rate is 2.2%, and the fixed rate is 4.85%. Depending on your eligibility and program, you can receive a loan of up to $20,000.


Wondering where to open your business? Virginia ranked second place for the highest percentage of women-owned businesses. 

This state has its financial sector for small businesses named the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority. It includes the Small, Woman-owned, and Minority Business (SWaM) certification program in Virginia that brings state-funded projects to small businesses. The Virginia Small Business Financial Authority also provides businesses, not-for-profit, and economic development authorities with loans, bond financing, equity incentive grant programs, and more.


For women thinking of starting a family, Washington has some of the best state laws for maternity leave that extend beyond the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

The Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave program offer paid leave to individuals who worked 820 hours (16 hours per week) even if they changed jobs during that time. Paid leave lasts a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum of 18 weeks that you do not have to take all at once. Payment varies depending on your salary, and employees may receive up to a maximum of $1,327 weekly benefits. 


Here at IAW, we are there to support you at any point in your career. We have local chapters all over the nation that host events regularly. It is a valuable opportunity for you to promote your business, product, or service, share your ideas and experiences, locate resources, and find support. No matter where you choose to move to, you can find a supportive group of women who are waiting for you! Check out our website to find an active chapter near you!