The Art Of Self-Promotion

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about what you do? Do you wonder how you can let others know about your accomplishments without appearing arrogant? Debby Stone, JD, CPCC, PCC recently joined us for our Entrepreneurship Summit and showed us how to:

  • Adopt a more empowering mindset about telling your story
  • Unearth the key components of a masterful self-promotion story
  • Develop practical strategies for implementing the art of self-promotion in the context of building your brand, and
  • Become a more confident, graceful and authentic self-promoter

Regardless of whether you are starting a business, moving your existing business forward or seeking to further advance in your career, you will learn the secrets to transforming your professional path by telling your unique story.

About the Speaker: Debby Stone is a speaker, author and executive coach. Her book, The Art of Self-Promotion: Tell Your Story, Transform Your Career has been hailed as “immensely practical” and “the perfect how-to guide” for professionals. Debby has presented programs at corporations, law firms, business associations, educational conferences and universities. Her speeches and workshops are described as practical, powerful and engaging. Debby is the CEO of Novateur Partners, an executive coaching and leadership development consultancy serving lawyers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the organizations in which they work. Novateur is known for combining extensive real-world experience with entrepreneurial creativity to assist its clients in developing practical strategies for success. Prior to embarking on her coaching and speaking career in 2002, Debby practiced corporate law for over a decade. She has also worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company. Debby holds both an undergraduate and law degree from Duke University.