Build Your Network with Powerful Connections

Powerful connections can change your life, but how do you cultivate them? Building your network isn’t about adding people to a spreadsheet and numbering them for follow up. It’s about creating meaningful relationships and connections that mutually benefit both people. Productive networking requires consistent care, communication, and support. The more you focus on mutual relationships, the stronger your network becomes. 

Help your network

Networking is all about mutually beneficial relationships. If you want powerful connections, you need to be one yourself. Consider what you learned, the advice that helped you, and other resources you can provide. Are there people in your network that could use that knowledge? Another way to help your network is by providing references. You can give out their business information to potential clients, or write them recommendation letters. 

Find a reason to follow up

You will meet a lot of new people while networking, and it’s easy to lose track of a potential good connection. Find a reason to follow up with them after the event. Maybe they can offer you advice on your business model, or they have a book they recommended to you. It helps to establish immediate conversations outside of the networking event. Plus, the more consistent you are with your responses the easier it is to establish a relationship. 

Ask for resume/cover letter help

One easy excuse to network with someone is asking for resume or cover letter help. It could be a senior manager you admire, or a valuable connection you have not spoken to for awhile. Your resume/cover letter will remind them of your skills and also opens the conversation to what you’re looking for in the future. Powerful connections will want to support you and connect you with the right resources. But, they can only do that if they know your goals

Share gratitude

Thank the people who helped you. It shows them how valuable their relationship is to you, and that you acknowledge their support. No one wants to feel like the help they provide is taken for granted. Send e-cards, thank you emails, small gifts, social posts, or other tokens of appreciation. 

Expand your brand

Online networking provides instant communication and new opportunities. If you limit yourself to one or two platforms, you will limit your audience. Each new profile you make on a different platform expands who sees your professional skills or business. Update your social networking sites as often as possible with current contact information. Here are some tips on how to optimize your social presence

Engage consistently

Networking and professional relationships need nurture and care. No one wants to be forgotten. Continue to engage with your network anyway you can. Some ways you can consistently engage with them is by commenting on their social media posts, reacting to their LinkedIn comments, and sending emails asking how they are doing.

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  1. Lois Hill


    You are right..Networking is in TODAY…I am trying to build my network. I am looking for another Job and it is going very slow. I am now working Part-time, but I am looking for Full-Time as a Receptionist/Secretary in the New York or Jersey City area. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me….Thank you.

    • Wanda Lopez

      Good luck on your search for new employment. I find that networking with ex coworkers and, family members is key to getting a position that best fits your experience and desired path. These are people who will know what you are capable of and, what you deserve. Keep your feet moving forward with a positive attitude and use this time to reconnect with people. It will surprise you how many relationships you will rekindle while also creating opportunities for yourself. It worked for me and, reaching out kept me distracted from the stress of being unemployed.

  2. Anna Longo

    Great article. I am a firm believer that when you build relationships, mentor, coach and help others you benefit as much as the individual you are working with. Many of my industry connections have enriched my life and empowered me over the years. By sharing my knowledge and expertise I helped other to succeed, and in return, when I needed them they were there for me.

  3. Sherry

    Great article and very good to be reminded of things like this. I have been in the Income Tax business for 40 plus years and am starting to wind down. I am looking for an internet business to do at home. If anyone has a suggestion as to what one or ones would be good and not cost an arm and a leg and is reputable, please let me know. Thanks

  4. Lorna McCarty

    Thank you for the excellent “Build Your Network” ideas. I became a member of NAPW late last year. I am the founder of a relatively new business, looking to build my clientele. As a certified professional relationship coach I work with couples in long-term relationships rekindle the passion and closeness they once felt. Love to hear from other members and get your feedback on my website at

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