Craft Your New Vision for the New Year

It’s a New Year and with that comes a new set of goals and aspirations. Crafting your vision for 2022 is something you don’t want to overlook because the importance of goal setting cannot be understated. 

Why is it important to have a vision? 

Very rarely do people accomplish things without a plan. Want to eat more whole foods? Then, plan to meal prep. Want your business to make 6 figures? Plan how you will market your business to get more sales. Want to improve your mental health? Make room in your schedule for things that bring you peace and clarity.  

Visualizing helps you to actualize. And while it may seem cliche, if you can see it for yourself, you can achieve it. When you have a vision, you can create a plan, and with a plan anything is possible. 

How to create a vision for the New Year?

Reflect on the past year 

The first step to crafting your vision for 2021 is to reflect on the past year. In the past, we’ve talked about watching your professional film. It’s important to take time to reflect before planning the future. If your goal for last year was to make six figures in your business and you didn’t accomplish it, it helps to examine why not before setting that goal again. What were your obstacles? What worked and what didn’t? These are all questions you can answer by reflecting. 

Another benefit of reflecting is you take time to figure out what you really want. At times, we can put our goals or vision on autopilot. We’re always evolving as people. Therefore, our vision should and will change. Is what you saw for yourself last year still the same this year? If it’s not, that’s okay! By adjusting your vision, you can prioritize the life that you truly want.

Think about your goals

Once you have reflected on the past year, your vision should start coming into focus. The next step is to take that vision and break it down into achievable goals. A vision with no plan is just a fantasy. An important part of your goal setting is to make your goals actionable and create a plan to achieve them. Setting SMART goals is a sure way to make sure you have an actionable goal.

Creating a plan

There’s so much that goes into setting successful goals, but the most important part is pre-planning. Taking time to think about potential obstacles and how you will address them is the best way to ensure you can achieve them. 

Let’s put this into practice. If your vision is to have a six-figure business and your goal is to sell more products, it helps to turn the goal into a more actionable SMART goal. Determine how many products you need to sell in a specific time frame to hit your target. Making 6 figures is a big goal, so it may be helpful to break it down into more manageable goals, like selling a specific number of products this quarter. Once you have your SMART goal, you can create a plan to achieve it.

If your goal is to sell 50 units in the first quarter, then how will you accomplish it? Maybe you create a new marketing strategy, or implement a customer retention plan, or improve your customer service. This is where you figure out what steps you need to take to achieve the goal. 

Creating a vision for the new year is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success. Creating a vision for your health, finances, career, and any other area of your life that you want to nurture will help you stamp out uncertainty and reduce procrastination. Reflecting on the previous years and planning to make your vision a reality will make this year your best one yet. 

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