Featured Member: Charlotte Graham

For over a decade, Charlotte Graham captured the essence of an individual’s personal brand through her professional brand photography business, Shot By Char. It was long in the making as she was an entrepreneur for years doing freelance photography. Eventually, she found her passion for personal branding. “I fell in love with helping other entrepreneurs succeed in business through the power of building a brand,” said Charlotte. 

Her photography draws inspiration from British photojournalist Don McCullin and she uses a client-focused approach. “My photographic approach centers on capturing authentic images that reflect the vision, narrative, and true character of personal brands I work with,” explained Charlotte. Her clients range from coaches and consultants to yoga teachers and data scientists. They are individuals seeking to expand their visibility and showcase their brand. 

While she is based in Chiang Mai, Charlotte travels to Southeast Asia, the UK, and LA for photoshoots. Traveling is one of the most rewarding aspects of her business as it allows her to “meet all different entrepreneurs and help them see their uniqueness and strategies their own branding,” she said. Charlotte offers three packages for her clients:

  • The Boost, a quick and easy session providing a handful of lifestyle headshots and creative portraits. 
  • The Expansion for bold authentic images that introduce the client and capture the attention of their growing audience. 
  • The Ultimate for leaders with a clear brand seeking multiple assets and includes photos taken in multiple locations.

For those interested in personal branding, Charlotte has this piece of advice to offer:

“Building a personal brand will help you in all career paths. Even if you pivot in your career, your personal brand will support you and increase opportunities.”

As she continues to expand her business, Charlotte finds professional resources from the International Association of Women. Through her membership, she loves connecting with women globally “with different perspectives,” said Charlotte. Plus, she contributes her photography skill to support the Global Local Chapter. Her advice to new members is to “use the resources to their full capacity for the most rewards.”

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