Featured Member: Diana Fullem

Meet IAW members in Featured Members, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on Elite Member Diana Fullem who founded her company Recovery InSight, Inc., to support and also empower individuals who have overcome mental health diagnoses. Read on to learn more about how she offers help and hope to those who need it most..

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IAW: What is your greatest achievement in life so far? Why is it your greatest achievement and how did you achieve that goal?

Fullem: Opening the first independently owned-and-operated peer support service in Pennsylvania in 2010, Recovery InSight, Inc.

Because of my own experience with mental health diagnoses—both with family members and with friends, I desired to create a company that would provide employment opportunities for individuals who have learned how to successfully integrate into society while dispelling the stigma associated with mental illness. These individuals can mentor others who also want to live fulfilling lives and achieve their own recovery.

I collaborated with local mental health agencies, managed care organizations and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for licensing and credentialing in order to become a medical assistance billable service provider. This process allowed Recovery InSight, Inc. to support individuals seeking services at no cost to them.

IAW: What are the long-term motivations for your company?

Fullem: To provide exceptional services that demonstrate reduction in costly hospitalizations, as well as to educate providers, individuals and their family members that mental health recovery is not only possible, but probable.

Employ individuals who had been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance in order to save federal and state funds. We empower people who at one time had no hope for gainful competitive employment.

Expand Recovery InSight, Inc. into surrounding counties, employ more applicants and continue to offer an exceptional benefit package that includes health, life, dental and vision insurance; 11 paid holidays; paid time off; and team-building activities.

IAW: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could chose three items to have, what three things would you chose and why?

Fullem: My medications, to continue my mental wellness. Food and water, for physical sustainability. My family, who are my strongest supporters.

IAW: How would you occupy your time if you did not have to work for a paycheck?

Fullem: Volunteer in some capacity to help people and animals.

IAW: What is the best business advice you ever received from another woman?

Fullem: Advocate and be the voice for others with mental health diagnoses until they learn how to do it on their own. Hold hope for people who have no hope.

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