Learn How To Get More on Equal Pay Day

On average, women earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a 20% gap. For women of color that gap is as high as 46%, and the gap widens with higher levels of education. At the current rate at which this is being addressed, Leanin.org estimates it will take until 2061 to resolve the issue in the United States and much longer in other parts of the world.

For that reason, Equal Pay Day is held every year in April to symbolize just how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. It’s a day for grassroots organizers on fair pay to voice their concerns in local communities, organize rallies, lobby days and speak-outs, and organize meetings with employers and policy-makers to drive change.

To participate in Equal Pay Day Activities, there are many things you can do. Start by learning the legislative background of current efforts being considered in different states and at the Federal level to address wage gaps in the workplace and Equal Pay Day activities that you can participate in.

IAW supports these efforts and encourages women to not just engage in the larger conversation being held this week about the persistent wage gap faced by women and minorities in the workplace, but to make it a focus throughout the year.

We also encourage businesses to participate in ongoing efforts to address these issues, including Salesforce’s equal pay assessments, and efforts like Leanin.org’s annual campaign that brings businesses together to raise awareness on the issue.

Resources for Addressing Wage Gaps at a Personal Level

This week is a prime opportunity to engage in a coordinated local and national effort to put the spotlight on the wage gap. It’s also a good time to learn more from women who are experts in fields that can support your personal efforts to earn a fair salary on par with men in the same positions.

IAW offers several resources to support personal development, your current and future career search, and salary and position negotiations you might undergo. Access these resources from the links below:

  • 8 Steps to Building a Powerful Professional Network – Eight actionable tips you can take in the short term to connect with more people and build your professional network to support your future efforts and work together toward pay equality.
  • Negotiation Tips Cheat SheetA cheat sheet to guide you through identifying key stakeholders and their needs, positioning yourself for success, and negotiating on price and value when taking a new position or requesting a raise.
  • Watch Webinar Replays – We’ve featured dozens of experts on a range of topics, including negotiation, networking, brand building, and entrepreneurship with new webinars every month. 
  • Partner benefit: Laurel Road, the endorsed student loan refinancing provider of IAW is hosting a webinar on April 18, 2018 at 1PM EDT. Learn the basics of refinancing – Register here. 

As the national conversation turns toward the persistent problem of unequal pay this week, it’s a perfect time to not only get involved but to commit to a new personal development goal.

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