Monday Motivation: Keep Learning. Stay Competitive.

By Melissa Goldberger

I enjoy reading articles in which senior women leaders share tips on achieving success. Lately, I’ve noticed a common theme: continuing education. We need to keep learning to stay competitive. That’s a great point, but how do we do that? Where? Not everyone can afford executive leadership programs or a graduate degree.

Fortunately, you’ve already taken the first step by becoming an IAW member. One great membership benefit is unlimited access to more than 1,000 on-demand webinars through our partner Star 12. After browsing the plethora of classes offered, I asked the IAW team which courses they planned to take and why.

If you’re looking for some Monday motivation, here are the classes we’re taking this week. Let’s not stop there—let us know in the comments what you want to take!

  • “I want to be an excel ninja like our CEO Kathy, so I am taking Boosting Your Productivity with Excel Workbooks.” –Barbara, Assistant Director of Membership Services
  • “We have such an amazing staff, and I am fortunate I get to train all of them, so I plan on taking Assertiveness Skills for Leaders.” –Katie, VP of Member Acquisition
  • “I am always on social media but never thought of Pinterest as a marketing tool, so I am taking Using Pinterest for Marketing.” –Melissa, VP of Marketing
  • “I need to speak up more. I am taking Assertiveness Skills for Women.” –Sam, Manager of Programs and Engagement
  • Video Production and Editing. My next project is to go through all my home videos and photos of the kids and create some really cool videos out of them, with music, etc. I find having a hobby allows me to be a better employee.” –Talia, Director Member Services

This list is a great reminder of all the ways we can keep learning to stay competitive. But we don’t have to focus only on becoming better managers. Learning more about our interests and hobbies allows us to develop a well-rounded skill set—and it’s fun, too! Learn more about our on-demand webinars. If you are not yet an IAW member, come join us and see what we have to offer.






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