The Perfect Gift For A Working Woman

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for a career woman, you’ve come to the right place. A professional and focused woman won’t settle for anything other than the best. She has a career and excellent taste in life. Below are some our top picks for gift ideas for professional women.

A Work Bag

Every career woman requires an organized and professional work bag for keeping items such as house keys, MetroCard, ID badge, lunch, and even work laptops or tablets if she’ll be completing tasks at home in the evening or on weekends. A stylish work bag that’s big enough to hold these items can be a perfect gift.

Desktop Planner

Planning is a key skill to success in the workplace. A desktop planner is an effective way to organize daily schedules and divide work hours into essential activities that need to be accomplished. It offers a perfect opportunity to keep everything in one place without the need to consult multiple planners or calendars.

Wireless Headphones

Having professional wireless headphones reduces unnecessary fatigue and back pain that are usually caused by using the shoulders to cradle a cell phone. Using wireless headphones as part of the daily work routine helps to improve posture and brings a feeling of refreshment that promotes an active lifestyle.

A Staycation/Vacation

Enjoying some time away from work is truly relaxing and brings along some much-needed rest. Relaxing and getting away from everyday professional worries has health benefits since it lowers anxiety, blood pressure and even the heart rate, which reduces the risk of suffering from chronic illness usually caused by stress.

Professional Headshot

As an employee, you’re the face of the organization, and that’s why it’s essential to have a professional headshot. Every woman needs to have a photo shoot to update her visual brand. A photo taken with a smartphone isn’t sufficient to meet the professional requirements.

Spa Services or Membership

Imagine the stress after a demanding work week. Spa services are essential when it comes to relaxing your body and preparing yourself for another work week ahead. There are also other health benefits of visiting a spa. For instance, a well-delivered massage improves blood circulation, which delivers more oxygen and food nutrients to your body cells.

Charging Station for Electronic Devices

A workplace charging station is particularly important since it drives employee satisfaction. It’s one of the most attractive additions to a career woman’s existing work benefits package. It’s also one of the most effective proactive ways of enhancing the overall experience at the workplace.

Books and Magazines

It’s a fact that the future of any woman’s career depends on information and knowledge acquired. Gaining information and knowledge complement your skill set, which gives you a competitive advantage in the job market. Reading several magazines and books reminds you of the past and challenges you to be prepared for the future. Tune into IAW on social media every Friday evening for our #weekendreading series where we share our favorite books for professional women.

Career Advice

Career counseling focuses on helping you understand yourself as well as major work trends so that you can always make informed decisions about your career and education. Effective career counseling can help you progress in your professional life since it helps you gain confidence and insight as well as provides expert resources to help you make informed decisions.

IAW Membership

An IAW membership is a necessity for every professional woman since it offers unique professional networking through a wide range of platforms. It also offers essential career resources to jump-start your next career step. You can get purchase an introductory IAW membership today at a 35 percent discount price by clicking here.

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