Redecorate Your Home Office to be an Organized Happy Space

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Take it from me, I have worked from home for nearly ten years, and in that time, my “office” has moved between multiple rooms in my house. Finding the right spot with everything I needed was difficult. It became apparent that creating a comfortable, organized, and productive space was vital for my work. Now, I have an organized home office space that supports my productivity and, more importantly, makes me happy. 

I want to share my tips and product recommendations to help you transform your home office! 


My first home office was in the basement, specifically the unfinished part of the basement. A rug and some shelving helped make it feel more “office,” but I hated spending time there and would end up working from the dining room table instead. I eventually moved into a finished room in the basement. While the space felt better, it lacked windows, and I felt really isolated. 

Recently, I moved my office into a section of our house on the main floor. I now have two large windows, plenty of space, and I am much happier. With this new location, there is some amount of distraction since I’m not far from the family room and kitchen, but we’ve established boundaries in my house, and everyone knows that if my door is closed, you do not interrupt.


The proper lighting can help prevent eye strain and maintain healthy eyesight overtime. Plus, there are several different lighting types you can choose from. Task lighting focuses the light in a particular area like a desk, notepad, or book. It is the most commonly used lighting fixture for desks. However, if task lighting is too harsh, try ambient lighting, which refers to one source providing light for the entire room. Lamps can also be whimsical or modern, depending on your preferred style.


The chair you choose should support your spine, glutes, and head comfortably throughout the day. Not every aesthetically pleasing desk chair is one you can work in for hours. Instead of a look, consider buying an adjustable chair  in different colors that will physically support you and match your personality. 

As for your desk, a large flat surface is best to ensure you have enough space for all necessary equipment. Your occupation will depend on if you prefer a desk with storage or one without. A software engineer may need a desk with more space underneath to house their main computer. But, a graphic artist may want drawers to organize their notepads, colored pencils, iPads, and more. 


Organization is the key to effective and efficient leadership. Without it, stacks of papers surround you, and piles of sticky notes hold reminders you forgot. Get creative with what you use to organize your desk, as there are more innovative solutions besides drawers! 

For quick notes or a daily task list, you can buy a transparent side panel for your monitor where you post sticky notes or a whiteboard that sits above your keyboard. Your monthly calendar can come to life with fun designs. Desktop organizers can store office supplies while lifting your monitor or laptop to improve your posture. Plus, some colorful cable holders will tame any cord knot. 

Personalize Your Space

Unlike traditional offices with fixed decoration and neutral colors, we can personalize and decorate our home office to suit our personality. Desk mats are a simple way to give your  black-and-white electronics new life. Decorate with planters or fake glass plants if you lack a green thumb. Use office supplies like staplers, sticky notes, or paper clips to add a fresh pop of color. Hang family photos or use a corkboard to display your kids’ artwork. 

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