4 Ways to Celebrate Rosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks is celebrated on December 1st, the day of her arrest, and February 4th, her birthday. As we continue to share her story and celebrate her life, there are more ways we can honor her actions. If you are interested in supporting BIPOC communities, then check out these organizations dedicated to Rosa. 

Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development

This institute was founded by Rosa and Elaine Eason Steele to honor her late husband, Raymond Parks. It focuses on supporting the younger generation’s education and experience around the civil rights movement to instill in them leadership skills they can take back to their community. With learning centers in Michigan and California, their Pathways to Freedom program takes youths on a bus tour to visit historical sites and engage in hands-on activities.

Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation

The Detroit News and Detroit Public Schools in 1980 founded this scholarship in honor of Rosa Parks to support high school seniors in their future endeavors. It has awarded over $2,000,000 to over 1,000 students. The scholarship also offers a full-time internship with the Detroit News to those awarded. 

Rosa Parks Memorial Award

The National Education Association (NEA) presents the Rosa Parks Memorial Award to individuals who uphold her dedication and passion towards human and civil rights. Those who receive the award demonstrate a nonviolent philosophy and bravery to challenge disadvantages social norms. They also contribute to the formation of new policies that promote diversity, equity, and equality. The NEA has several awards in honor of other civil and human rights activists which can be found here.

Rosa Parks PTA Fund

The Rosa Parks Elementary school located in Berkeley, CA hosts an annual fundraiser to be able to cover costs not covered by the Berkeley Public School funds. The money they raise supports events such as the 5th grade graduation ceremony, teacher/staff appreciation, welcome events, and more. It covers extracurricular activities like the Kid Village Enrichment Scholarship, STEM supplies, mock trial, and more.

The International Association of Women partners with world-class organizations to offer our members access to incredible resources and support. Just as our members build skills through shared knowledge, IAW works with its partners to develop lasting relationships. If you are interested in supporting women’s growth globally, then partner with the IAW at https://www.iawomen.com/partners

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