6 Resources To Help Your Business Thrive in 2018

Building and running a successful business is no easy feat. Managing day-to-day operations on top of keeping track of finances, marketing, and everything else can be overwhelming, to say the least. Watch your business thrive in 2018 with these resources:

Virtual Summit for Entrepreneurs – Today, over 11 million women own businesses. They employ over nine million people and generate $1.6 trillion in revenue. The number of women-owned firms in the US is expected to grow. Therefore, it’s essential for women business leaders to have the knowledge, resources, tools, and connections they need to succeed.
Although the live viewing period for these sessions has ended, the entire summit is available for replay. View more details below by clicking on the individual sessions you’d like to watch.  These virtual sessions are FREE , however you must register for a BrightTalk account to watch.

eBook: 6 Steps to Building a Business Plan That Gets FundedIn this six-part guide, we guide you through each step in the process of developing a useful and effective business plan.

eBook: 7 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid – This easy to read guide covers the most common mistakes on LinkedIn, provides solutions and resources needed to optimize your profile.

Building a Business PlanWhether you are thinking about launching a new business idea or have a business that you want to see grow, a business plan is a must. A business plan sets out the future strategy (both operational and financial) of a business, usually covering a period of several years. The document will describe what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. By documenting a strategy ahead of time, you have insights to potential issues that may arise and can determine if your business will be a success.

Managing technology costs for your business – If you are crushing it in the online marketing space, it’s likely that you have a big list and have learned that big = more expensive for many of the tools you need to use. Currently the email marketing tool niche has so many players you can probably name 3 right now I’ve never heard of.  Awesome.  Because that means there is a big need and competition refines each other with better results for YOU and ME, the business owners.

Small Business Grants for Women – Obtaining a grant that you won’t have to repay can be an important opportunity for a woman working on a new small business startup or striving to grow her company. There are a number of grants available to help you develop and grow your small business. In honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, we want to share the information below about where to find grant resources for businesswomen and how to apply.

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