Stand Up For Yourself With These Guaranteed Confidence Boosters

Women are generally more afraid of failure than men, making it more difficult for them to move forward in their professional or personal life. Give your confidence a boost with the resources below. Put your best foot forward and let your boost of confidence lead you to success.

The Confidence Conundrum
In order to be happy or loved or successful, first you need to be confident; but then to be confident, first you need to be happy or loved or successful. Learn more about the confidence conundrum and tackle this issue with these tips:

The Confidence Conundrum: The Courage to Act
Courage and confidence have a yin and yang relationship. You can’t have one without the other even if it doesn’t seem that way at first.

The Confidence Conundrum: Is It Strictly a Women’s Challenge?
In addition to the very real wage gap, women also face another obstacle to success: the confidence gap.

The Confidence Conundrum: Perseverance and Tenacity
Did you ever have a house or car door lock rust itself shut, so you had to run out and buy a can of WD-40 to get it to un-stick?
You need to be as tenacious as that rust inside the lock. But like that can of America’s favorite rust remover, you also need to look at the can to remember that it derives its name from the fact that it took 40 tries to get the formula just right.

Confident Interviewing and Negotiating
One way to enhance your confidence is to be prepared when going into a difficult conversation. Check out the posts below to help you prepare for your next interview or negotiation.

Speaking With Confidence on Your Next Interview
Getting the call that a prospective employer wants an interview feels like such a victory! That is, until you start thinking about nailing that interview. Confidence is key when you want to land a new job as employers want to feel like they’ve made a good decision.

Negotiate Salaries and Contracts Like a Girl!
Few industries are as gender-oriented as professional sports, and one female pioneer put a massive hole in the glass ceiling by negotiating like a girl. That’s right; former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask released a memoir about her front-office experiences called “You Negotiate Like a Girl: Reflections on a Career in the National Football League” that highlights the value of hard work and business skills.

Salary Negotiation 101
Excellent salary negotiation skills are sometimes what separates the good and the best on the interviewees list. It’s a skill that you need to properly hone especially if you are to land your dream job.

Know Your Voice
Finally, speaking with intention and knowing your voice will help you to feel and speak more confidently. Strong communication skills will help you feel and look more confident.

Business Communication Tips For Women: Don’t Get Stuck on Nice
Many women have problems communicating their ideas in business. I struggle with wanting to be seen as strong, but not bossy, with wanting to be taken seriously, but not making myself unapproachable. This thought process led to nothing but confusion and indecisiveness. A shaky vision of myself led to a shaky communication of my ideas.

Star’s Corner: How to Use Your Professional Voice Assertively
Assertive communication plays a crucial role in the foundation and enhancement of your professional career. It assists you in developing trust and respect, helps you solve differences and allows you to build important relationships. It’s important to know how to use your professional voice as a tool to create your own success.

Tips for Public Speaking: Harness Your Power as a Women and Capture Your Audience
Studies show that women are excellent communicators. In fact, they actually have more neurons in the brain centers for languages and centers than men do. The female brain is unique and as the ability to connect deeply with audiences, ready tone of voice and facial expressions, and excellent verbal agility. Women are powerful, and they have the ability to connect with others through the spoken word in powerful ways. Learn to harness your power with these tips for public speaking.

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