6 Ways Small Businesses Can Give Back to Local Communities

Behind each successful female entrepreneur is a community that supports, mentors, and connects them to amazing opportunities. One way you can show your gratitude for all the support you received is to give back to your community. Here are six ways your business can connect and contribute to your local community. 

1. Volunteering

If you can, give your time to local charities, shelters, and centers that need a few extra hands. It’s a great team-building exercise and supports local homeless shelters, animal shelters, American Red Cross, etc. 

2. Support a cause

There are thousands of social justice issues that need help to continue working. You can partner with coalitions, donate funds, sign petitions, or partner with local minority businesses to support them.  

3. Donating clothes or office supplies

If you are refurbishing your office, then donate the old supplies to charities. There are lots of small businesses that need help getting their feet off the ground. Sharing office supplies that you no longer need can mean supporting someone’s dream and being eco-friendly. 

One of IAW’s partners is Dress for Success, an organization that offers long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty. Each client is provided with donated professional attire, career development, and employment to establish a future of success. Find out how to donate clothes, money, or time to their cause here.  

4. Promote local artists

Have some blank walls in your office? There are thousands of local artists right in your area looking for a palace to showcase their work. You can display their art to be sold in high-traffic areas, such as meeting rooms and entrances. The artists will get to expand their audience and have another revenue stream while increasing the chance for you to meet potential new clients. Another way is finding a local mural artist to paint a wall for you. It brings color and creativity into an otherwise boring office. 

5. Connect with other businesses

There are lots of businesses in your community that you can connect with to grow your network. Perhaps the local sandwich shop caters your lunches, or the stationary store pints your advertising. The more you develop a mutually beneficial relationship, the more your local area will grow and thrive.

6. Host a Social Charity Event

Sponsoring events is one way to connect with your local market while giving back to the community. Pair with other local businesses to create an ice cream social, summer fair, concert, or another fundraiser where proceeds go directly to a community organization. Reserve community spaces, like the public library, municipal center, or art center, if you do not have a large office to host the event. 

Looking for your own community of support? IAW is an international professional women’s community that hosts weekly networking events, has local chapters across the U.S., and is ready to help at any step of your career. To find out which level of membership is right for you, take the quiz and become an IAW member today!