A Successful and Adventurous Entrepreneur, Lynn Howard Has Never Shied Away From Helping Others Find Their Own Success

A Serial Entrepreneur

Ever since I can remember, I have been the one who people come to, to help them navigate a problem, a situation or an opportunity, (and was intuitively really good at it) even before I became a serial entrepreneur(supporting and leading them).  

My past has had a lot of  “life lessons,” which I have survived and learned from, including abuse, cancer and more. These tools and perseverance are what fuels my work in pushing my clients out of their own way.

When I started to do a lot of self-work, taking a look at the skeletons in my own closet, confronting them and learning to deposit into myself. Putting myself first and learning to love myself  was where I began to really grow as a contributing human and leaning into my true life’s purpose. 

I am currently relaunching my brand lynnahoward.com and am the owner of Asentiv Hawaii, which is an international ‘Entrepreneurial Development’ organization. My areas of expertise include coaching others about their relationships (internal and external), emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial development, and accountability. I encourage my clients to persevere and create and live the life they want, and to search out the roots of their patterns.  

“Be the change you wish to see in this world,” Gandhi said. It is one of my life mottos, so naturally, I work with those who want change and are willing to put forth the action to bring about change, positive change, not just in their business but more importantly, in themselves and their communities.

Stay in Control

As a thought leader, I firmly believe we always have a choice, and when we focus on what we can control, our lives move differently. It is hard to fix an external problem without looking at the internal first.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, which usually means you have to change your sphere of people. Find someone who is not a ‘yes woman’ to you, but rather, someone who will push you, hold you accountable and inspire creativity, change and growth within you. Be YOUR biggest advocate, even if you have to fake it till you make it at first! Be agile. Have grace for yourself and others. Put in the work. Stop doing busy work and take a hard look at yourself and your activities and do what will get you to your vision.

Challenges and Rewards

I was always a fixer, wanting to take away someone else’s problem, seeing the potential of who they truly can be, or what they can truly accomplish… A hard lesson, that we cannot fix those that do not want to be, truly be, has helped me help others, to inspire change from within.  Although this has been a challenge most of my life, it is wanting something for my clients more than they want it themselves. Or, seeing in them what they cannot see, and continue to choose to not see.

I reap the rewards, though, when my clients create change around them and it is especially heartening to see the effect that the change has on the children (if there are any)! It is also rewarding to watch when a company shifts, opens their eyes and adjusts the culture to inspire productivity, participation and pride.

Present and Future Plans

I am currently launching my new brand since stepping down as the Global COO of Asentiv, hopefully to be complete by the end of August.

I will be launching some new evergreen products and live training for Leaders, Coaches and Consultants, one of which is coming up in August, in the beta testing price: https://lh-consulting.mykajabi.com/Coaching-Skills-Workshop.

My plans also include building the Leaders, Coaches and Consultants Masterminds, to provide a safe inspiring space for collective movement, growth and inspiration.

I hope to add two more international companies as a consulting client for transition, helping them to pivot and navigate a project or goals to accomplish.

Down the road, I am adding an international team of Coaches and Consultants who would work with a global audience that includes their infrastructure, processes and support from my company to them.

Benefits of IAW Membership

IAW is a platform where women are encouraged to be themselves, connect with like-minded women, and be innovative and pivoting with time. I am inspired, encouraged and motivated when working with IAW members.

My advice to other members is to get involved! Participate, show up, ask questions and reach out to the staff at IAW for help when needed. Interact with the women you meet at IAW events and make plans to meet with them outside of the events. Be a person of your word. Be of service. Be YOU!

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