Boost Your Visibility with Self-Promotion

As women, we tend to be the last person in the room to share our achievements. But when women and men perform equally well, men self-evaluate their performance 33% better than women do. So, it’s time to find your confidence and use these self-promotion techniques to highlight your talents. 

Market on many platforms

Targeting one platform limits your audience. Think of the ideal client or recruiter you want to notice your brand. What platforms would they be on, and what are they looking for? Show diversity in how you market yourself based on the platform’s purpose. Social media like Facebook will see more personal storytelling whereas LinkedIn is for professional achievements.

Hype up your wins

Anytime you get a sale, a promotion, a new position, a brand deal, etc. you should promote it. Celebrate your wins and the wins of the team that works for you. Your network wants to see you thrive and achieve your dreams. So show them how you are climbing that ladder to success one rung at a time. Be mindful that you are giving credit to those who helped you along the way and are not diminishing their work to promote yourself. 

Be transparent

Showing how you overcome your struggles can be just as effective as your achievements. Creative new solutions and breaking the status quo demonstrate your problem-solving skills. It separates you from others as someone that not only succeeded but triumphed over an adversary. Transparency is excellent to use while networking to connect with other leaders’ experiences, or as a storytelling device on your website. 

Collaborative promotions

Connecting with other businesses like yours will create more unique marketing opportunities. Many iconic brands collaborate to promote each other. It doubles your audience and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Find other industry leaders that complement your services and mission. Together we can all dream, rise, and lead. 

Share your news

Whenever you are doing an interview, speaking event, or public engagement, share that on all your platforms! We can’t say this enough. The newspaper or event will do marketing, but when leaders do their own marketing as well the visibility increases massively. Post about it on your platforms, invite your network to attend, and use the publicity to launch your brand. 

Promote in public spaces

Approach networking events as a place not only to meet new people but also a public space to sell yourself. Work on your elevator pitch and carry business cards with you so you’re always ready to promote your brand. If you have branded clothing, keychains, water bottles, or any other merchandise with your brand on it, then bring it with you in public. The next supermarket trip or PTA meeting could be where you find your next client.

Find balance

Constantly posting about yourself can get overwhelming for your audience and drain your energy. Plus, over-promoting can come off as unauthentic. Balance is key to finding the right amount of self-marketing and personal/professional growth. 

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