IAW’s President Recaps 2022 Podcast Highlights

This week on IAW’s podcast, Unlimited HERizons, Megan Bozzuto, president and host, recapped eight top podcast episodes that resonated with the audience the most. Each episode highlights amazing women from the IAW community who is an Influencer members. Influencers share their goals with the expert team at IAW and we create a 12-month roadmap to help them expand their visibility, grow their skills, meet professional women around the world, gain marketing materials, and more to achieve everything they desire. Now, it’s time to be inspired by these eight fantastic ladies!

Suzanne Castle

Megan spoke to Suzanne on podcast episode four where she shared advice on how to recapture your joy and release your inner sparkle. Suzanne is the Chief Curator of Collaboration at Suzanne Castle Consulting and is a Chapter President for the IAW Dallas Local Chapter. “She always has a smile on her face, warm and welcoming, and truly captures the essence of woman supporting women,” said Megan. After her traumatic divorce and PTSD, Suzanne now shares her knowledge of how to overcome difficulties in life. You can listen to her story and advice here.

Lexi B.

Podcast episode twelve featured Lexi B. who is a professional storyteller, thought leader, speaker, and self-proclaimed freedom fighter who founded Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech, a community for women of color in the tech industry. She shared easy actionable steps people can take to create equitable work environments. “If you crave doing more for others, being a leader who stands out, and shows up to help your community, then go listen to episode twelve Lexi B. is so inspiring. I look to her as a role model and she has helped me be better at improving diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Megan. Listen to Lexi B. and get to know her story here.

Britney Crosson

Many professional women are terrified to show up as themselves for their brand on social media. On podcast episode fourteen, Megan spoke with Britney who is a superstar on all things social media. She is the host and executive producer of The Social Sunshine Podcast, the owner of the Fun Love Media marketing agency in Huston, and the founder of Small Biz Social Society. Britney shared tips on what it means to show up authentically on the podcast. “What I love about talking with Britney is she offers super clear instructions on how you can define your topics and just do it. We talked about the overwhelm of just doing it and how to start,” said Megan. Find Britney’s insider advice on social media here.

Katie Perry

In 2022, Megan achieved one of her long-time goals of writing a book. In podcast episode eighteen, co-author Katie Perry came to discuss their book Putting the P.O.W.E.R in Your Network. It is based on the Purpose Opportunity Worth Engage and Results model to help women find the best networking opportunities for them. “I’ve seen the results that a strong network can deliver. I want to create more opportunities that feel comfortable in the right space and consistently deliver powerful results,” said Megan. Listen to their discussion on networking and the journey of writing a book here.

Norby Forero

What questions do you have for a therapist? Well, they can all be answered by Norby Forero a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Play Therapist who holds a Master’s in Clinical Health and Post-Masters in Child Play Therapy. She joined Megan on podcast episode twenty to talk about her vision to help the Latino community find educational material that was free, accessible, and culturally sensitive. With her husband, they started a YouTube Channel over the pandemic called “Preguntale a Norby,” which now has over 2.3k subscribers. You can learn more about Norby and all the education she shares about therapy here.

Jen Messer

Have you ever had a mid-career identity crisis and made a life-altering change? Jen knows what it’s like to move between the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. She is a career strategist and coach in the staffing industry, speaker, podcast host, and director of National Accounts who advocates for the parenting workforce. On podcast episode twenty-three, Jen shared advice on what questions you should ask yourself before making a mid-career change. You can listen to her journey navigating her career identity crisis and what she learned here.

Sue Rodrigues

Achieving your health resolution may seem like a constant struggle of trial and error. Sue Rodrigues is a certified health coach helping her clients instill small behavioral changes that lead to a big difference. She talked to Megan on podcast episode twenty-seven about how to hit every health goal you make. “Sue said to start really small and build habits that lay that foundation of success to make bigger stronger habits,” said Megan. Find your key to a healthier lifestyle by listening to Sue’s advice here.

Carolyn Greenleaf

Carolyn is the CEO of the Greenleaf Center for Healing and is a Transformational Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Speaker & Author who helps individuals, business owners, and professionals who are frustrated with a lack of purpose in their lives, despite their success. She is all about redirecting negative energy to a positive mental outlook. In her conversation on podcast episode thirty, Carolyn encourages people to reclaim their soul purpose through a journey of self-discovery. “It was such a great way to end the year because it was this moment of reflection on how much can we achieve,” said Megan. You can listen to Carolyn’s episode here.

Those eight episodes were only a few of the great pieces of advice shared with Megan over the course of 2022. Now, we would like to hear from you! Share your favorite podcast episode in the comments below, or post about it on social media. Feel free to follow and tag IAW on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

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