Holistic Treatments with Dr. Tiffany M. Smith

This week on IAW’s podcast Unlimited HERizons our host and president, Megan Bozzuto, chatted with a member, Dr. Tiffany M. Smith, about holistic treatments for conditions like depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Dr. Smith is the owner and founder of Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry. Her veteran husband struggled with depression, anxiety, and sleep issues, but refused to continue with Western healthcare. Tiffany started a holistic lifestyle approach to mental healthcare to help treat him. 

She spoke with Megan about how a holistic lifestyle can rescue, resurrect, and revive. Here are some of the aspects of a holistic lifestyle:

Be Kind

“We are all stressed. We are all dealing with our stuff,” says Dr. Smith. “When you come into a community sometimes you can leverage it incorrectly and project on other people. You have to consciously go into places knowingly and lovingly.” She suggests embracing community and support in order to help each other better. It can include listening, being present, learning, and growing together. 

Accountability Partner

Accountability partners push you to keep pursuing your goals and do what is best for you. “A community member can call you out and push you further to take care of yourself. Having an accountability buddy, being close to those that actually know and love you so they can call you out and help you help yourself,” says Tiffany. If you are looking for an accountability partner, IAW members all receive accountability check-ins where they can find a community of women pushing and supporting each other. 

Turn Up Everything That Brings Joy

Dr. Smith finds new insight into the environment her patients live in through telehealth. If she notices there is not a lot of decoration in the room, then it suggests the patient isn’t creating an environment of joy for themselves. “A lot of times you will find environments that are bland, that is depressing, that is not motivating,” explained Dr. Smith. “For example, I might say ‘oh, that’s a lot of grays. There’s no pop of color. There’s no anything. What is your favorite color?’ My favorite color is pink. Well, let’s sprinkle some pink pillows, or let’s have some pink oven mitts.” By surrounding yourself with actions or objects that bring joy, you create a positive environment that supports self-love.

Want to listen to Dr. Smith’s full story and get more advice? Listen to Unlimited HERizons updated weekly with different amazing professional women telling their stories. All IAW members can connect with Dr. Tiffany M. Smith in the IAW Community!

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