Featured Member: Angela Ackerman Develops New Businesses by Using Her Experience and Expertise

Angela Ackerman uses her experience and expertise to develop new businesses.

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Being Social

I am the Founding Principal of Social Butterfly Management Group, LLC, a lifestyle enterprise global holding company. We own and operate a number of businesses in a variety of industries, from health and fitness to creative and performing arts and much more.

In my role, I use my skills in business development, research and development, behavioral economics, neuroscience and mind/body behavior. This is my way of being a healer. I did not do medical school so I am now a social impact entrepreneur.

Challenges and Rewards

Sometimes it can be challenging to have to get over myself but I am always rewarded when everything just clicks. My future plans include continuing to grow my business and to eventually achieve my goal of generating a seven-figure salary.

Empowering One Another

My advice to other IAW members is to remember that what is going on inside of you is what you attract and what you put into any of your endeavors is ultimately what you will get out of it. My IAW membership keeps me in touch with other like-minded women and I believe we all need that important energy flow.

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