Featured Member: Anne Upshaw Found Inspiration in Her Love of Writing

Anne Upshaw’s love of writing inspired her to start her own publishing company.

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For the Love of Writing

No matter what has happened in my life, I try to look on the bright side. Yes, I do have issues and problems, but I find sustaining a sense of humor is an asset. I love reading, learning new ideas and debating in my brain or with others, until a solution or understanding is achieved.

For those of you who like a compelling true story, COLA GIRL, by Elsie Clay, is a good one. It also makes an excellent gift for avid readers over the age of eighteen. We are much stronger than we think is possible. COLA GIRL, can be found at annieslink.com for $20.00 + tax and $1.00 for handling… FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA. This book is printed in America.

I dreamed of being a writer and was encouraged by my third-grade teacher who said, “You have a gift for poetry.” I wanted to be in the newspaper business as an editor/reporter, and as time moved forward, realizing I wanted my own company, founded Annie’s Link Inc. in August of 2011.

Annie’s Link Inc., is a digital publishing company providing help with, ISBN numbers, PDF & E-PUB conversion, copyright information, editing, marketing and creative ways of bringing your unique book to the world and to keep you moving forward. Most of your questions about publishing, writing and editing most non-fiction manuscripts in this rapidly changing digital publishing world, can be found on my website: annieslink.com

Never Stop Learning & Teaching

I must say, this project took longer than I projected and I ended finishing in a bit more than nine years… now the marketing begins. Learning; I won’t stop learning and I won’t give up.

I am inspired by life. I enjoy observing successes of others; not with envy or the green-eyed monster, but experiencing the joyfulness of witnessing projects being brought to fruition. I have had the fortune of having successes as well as many personal flops; but have been able to hold on, and now I have tales and lessons to amuse and teach my grandchildren and to others that are interested.

Feel Grateful

In the morning or whenever you begin your day, be grateful you have another day, have an energizing stretch, and get out of bed! If you are feeling depressed, angry, frustrated, or ill-tempered, it will not lift until you start moving and making life happen instead of waiting till any old crap falls in your lap. I try to stay in the mode of doing unto others…It keeps a smile on my face and twinkles in my eyes as I go about my day. Life is short and we reap what we sow.

I love a good challenge, and this is it! When I hear that people liked the book COLA GIRL, I am proud. And, if you are proud, you have completed your challenge and it is time to find another project, helping others along the way.

Accept Help

IAW has been a source of great encouragement from the time I joined NAPW (at that time), to the evolution into IAW at present time. It has improved over the years and the level of this team’s dedication is a wonderful and beneficial investment for women who want to create business opportunities and enjoy like-minded thinkers and entrepreneurs.

This is a tough, ill, and difficult world, so why go alone? All of us need help, and in succeeding, we too have received many helping hands. I thank all of the ladies in IAW who have reached out, and hope I may do the same for others.

My advice to other members is to get involved as much as you can. I live in a rural area and travel is difficult for me. These e-Chapter groups are the best but it is nice to be able to hold a hand with a face looking back at you. Communication is a necessity, and with so much information out there, most of us simply want the truth.

Looking to the Future

I hope to get enough business going so I can create jobs for other people. When we are following our passion, working does not seem like work, but more like a creation; as it is created with great love.

I think all of us need to work on our inner-selves, for when we are at our individual best, we can share that energy with others. Though life is short, the journey appears to be long and winding, so I try to flow gently with the landscape I am given or have chosen; and if I do life right, wisdom also flows, and can be freely shared with those who also understand.

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