Featured Member: Conchetta Gibson

Skeptical of life coaches? So was Conchetta Gibson, until the coach she hired helped her enormously. The life coach pulled new ideas out of her and formulated plans that set her on a path to live the life she always wanted. Then, Conchetta hired that coach’s life coach until she realized she wanted to become a life coach herself. She is now a certified personal development and confidence coach running her business, The Confident Woman: She’s All That!

Conchetta offers her clients several course options, a boot camp, a mastermind program, free resources, and a blog. Some of the courses include “The Confident Woman,” “Speaking Scared,” and “Becoming Unstuck.” For those interested, you can find more information on these programs here.

Despite finding it challenging to help women remember to invest in their personal development, Conchetta is still able to help her clients step out of their comfort zone and do what they’ve dreamed of. She offers three pieces of advice to women: “Don’t let fear stop you from trying new things. Don’t let other people stop you from doing the things you want to do with your life. Don’t let people who don’t have your vision stop you from following your dream.” In the future, she hopes to expand her business through workshops and conferences.

Her coaching business is not the only thing Conchetta aspires to develop. Through her membership with the International Association of Women, she conquered her fear of public speaking by gaining opportunities to practice being a speaker. She says, “IAW helped me with my leadership skills. The resources available are so valuable. I love this organization and encourage women to look into being a part of it.” Part of her engagement in IAW also includes serving as the Vice President of the Orland Park, Chicago Local Chapter. 

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