Featured Member: Courtlyn Jones

Pursuing her love of the arts in the corporate world was an uphill battle for Courtlyn Jones. She struggled to enjoy work as a full-time graphic designer, was undervalued and underpaid, laid off during the pandemic, and even after landing a job at her dream company, hated it there too. 

Between the difficulties of finding joy and appreciation in the corporate world combined with her thyroid cancer diagnosis, Courtlyn felt she needed a change. She started The Design Database, now the leading online community and job platform for women and non-binary creatives. 

“It wasn’t until I met other women in the arts, from other departments within my company, that I learned how I was undervaluing myself. That guidance and support was a game changer for me, and I knew if I could make a community like them, I could make a difference. Most importantly, I wanted to bring the fun back into art and make it so that we continue to love what we do.” 

The Design Database offers artists jobs in many creative fields, a vast network to connect with, a magazine featuring members, a shop, and more. Courtlyn recently hosted her first in-person event, connecting more creatives with clients who truly support the arts. “I’m very excited about it because it’s building real connections and partnerships,” she said. 

As she continues to grow her community and business, Courtlyn wishes to partner with the International Association of Women and connect her creatives to the amazing female founders in the community. “IAW has blessed me with more support and new friendships. I love women supporting women. I embody it, and it’s even one of the themes highlighted on my podcast, Fearless Narratives,” she said.  

“I’ve been a member of quite a few communities, but IAW is definitely one of my favorites, especially because I adore Megan Bozzuto, she’s an incredible inspiration. I’m grateful for the friendships I’ve made here because of how much more confidence it’s given me in myself and my company.”

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Want to find a community like Courtlyn’s? IAW is open and waiting for women from all around the globe to join our community of professional women who want to expand their horizons just like you. Register for one of our weekly events, or find a local chapter near you to get started.

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