Meet the IAW Team: Tracy Collins

If you’re a member of the International Association of Women, you likely recognize the name and voice of Tracy Collins. She is the Manager of Member Services and a longstanding employee who developed professionally throughout the years right alongside the IAW community. Tracy moved her way up through the ranks at IAW, finding her passion for member engagement and customer support.

Tracy’s career began in design and, while she enjoyed the work, she felt it wasn’t her true calling. It was during a career fair that she was introduced to IAW. At first, she wondered if she was corporate enough to work for a professional woman’s community. “I never really thought of myself as professional, but through working with IAW, I learned that I was the professional type and that the term is changing,” said Tracy.

“I used to think that ‘professional woman’ meant a briefcase and suit but it’s really so much more than the clothes we wear. Women wear so many hats, both at work and at home. No matter what we wear, we’re all the same.”

In a typical workweek, Tracy assists members with technical issues and questions so they can easily navigate the online community or host speaking events. She also connects members with professional and entrepreneurial resources, invites expired memberships to renew, and oversees the customer relationship management system. 

“Getting to know our members more has been a highlight for me. In member services, I get time to build relationships and know who they are, why they participate in the community, their goals, and more,” explained Tracy. “IAW is a place where women can grow.” 

Through her time at IAW, Tracy learned from weekly webinars and improved her networking skills to form mutually beneficial relationships. After growing professionally, she encourages every member to take advantage of the resources, benefits, weekly speakers, mentorship, local chapters, and more. 

“Women tend to struggle with investing in themselves. IAW membership can bring so much value beyond the price you pay to join. We support our members in every way we can from networking, branding, marketing, self-care, learning opportunities, and much more. IAW is an invaluable resource for any woman.”

Interested in getting involved? If you want to join the global community of professional women,  connect with IAW member services at Ask us about upcoming events, local chapters, benefits, and more!

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