Featured Member: Angela Bell

Angela Bell felt like the world was telling her to quit working and focus on her twins despite growing her family’s food manufacturing business from $200K in annual sales to $2.5M over five years. She battled her guilt and shame as a working mother. Since the pandemic, Angela has dedicated herself to supporting other moms in their business ventures. 

She has had many titles, including award-winning mortgage agent, lawyer, and author. But today, Angela is an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, mompreneur, and life/success coach. She helps clients overcome limiting beliefs, release their mom guilt, and get comfortable with personal ambition. “As a mom, it can feel like there is a never-ending to-do list and it all falls on you. Add on top of that growing a business, and it can feel like too much. It’s important to take time and center yourself. Remember, the world won’t end, and you are enough,” said Angela. In the future, she hopes to help 100 moms launch and grow their businesses while creating a global community of empowered mompreneurs.  

Angela developed a series called “The Mom Magic” showcasing the stories of mothers achieving their dreams to inspire others. “There are so many more stories that could be added to mine. Each one reaffirms the message that needs to be shared: moms keep the world running. We are amazing, and we deserve to feel that way about ourselves,” explained Angela. 

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Angela joined the International Association of Women as an Influencer member this past February. At IAW, Angela found a global community of women who prefer collaboration over competition. She truly feels the support of women empowering women. Her advice to other members is to “speak your truth, stand in your power, and be your authentic self. If you dim your light to fit in, you deny the world of ever experiencing your unique gifts and talents. Everyone has something to offer.”

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