How Gratitude Transforms Workplaces to Support Women

Gratitude in the workplace is an essential component of building a positive and productive work environment. 82% of employed Americans don’t feel recognized by their supervisors enough. Plus, 21% of the women in a recent survey felt a co-worker had overlooked them. When our efforts are seen and valued, we feel supported, which can make all the difference between loving and hating your job. Here are some ways you can implement gratitude in your workplace:

1. Say “Thank You”

Sometimes deadlines are approaching fast and we forget who supported us to make it succeed. Take some time once a week to say thank you. It can go a long way in making your coworkers feel appreciated. Make sure you are not only complimenting what they did, but also who they are as people.

2. Recognize Group Achievements

As managers, it is easy to get lost fixing problems. Yet, it should be equally important to discuss what went right and how the team achieved success together. The more we know how something went right, the better we can replicate it. 

3. Acknowledge Accomplishments Publicly 

One of the best things to do as an individual or an executive is to share gratitude publicly. As individuals, thank someone in a meeting if they back your idea or ask for your expertise. You can also send a detailed email on how they supported you that is cc’d to their boss. 

As an executive, share your team’s work on social media, your website, or with partners. Everyone loves a success story and it promotes your employees as much as the company. 

Another thing to consider is having a place in the office or online platforms where employees can share their gratitude for one another. 

4. Share Positive Feedback

No matter your position, everyone can share positive feedback. If a client compliments graphics on a product you’re pitching, reach out to your graphic designer and let them know. Maybe an executive is impressed by the productivity of a team, then the program manager can share the good news. 

5. Recognize Small Support

A lot can happen in a workday, so if you notice a coworker does one small proactive task, make sure it’s noticed. Gratitude does not always have to be for major accomplishments. Consistently recognizing small acts can easily transform a workplace into a supportive environment.

6. Step in to Help

If you see someone struggling with a project or task, offer to help them. This shows that you are aware of their situation and want them to succeed. Burnout is a widespread problem, especially for women, and we need supportive work environments that encourage collaboration and relaxation. Another way to support your coworkers is by standing up for them against microaggressions, such as mansplaining.

7. Listen and Be Supportive

One of the easiest ways to show gratitude and appreciation is to listen to someone. When we feel heard, we know our ideas and dreams are important to those around us. Sometimes it takes one person in the room who wants to listen, and that can change the whole environment. 

8. Bring in Treats or Small Gifts

Gratitude should not come with a caveat. Often, food or small gifts, like pens or tote bags, are given as bribery to those who work overtime without pay or do similar actions. Showing gratitude in this way should be for how someone supported you. For instance:

  • Small business owners with regular clients can send gifts to them for their continued support.  
  • If you recognize your coworker had a difficult day, surprise them with a cup of coffee or their favorite snack.
  • Buying your team drinks after successfully meeting a deadline.

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