Featured Member: Brittany Elliott

When the pandemic hit, Brittany Elliott’s desk job turned into working from home at her dining room table in her pajamas. “My daughter was two years old, I’d been married almost a year, and we were in the process of buying a home,” said Brittany. “I remember how I felt that day when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked older, a bit tired, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d looked in the mirror.”

While balancing working full-time, motherhood, and personal relationships, she realized she had lost herself along the way. It was time for her to make a change, and she committed to five minutes of self-care each day. Brittany noticed she wasn’t the only mom who felt this way. “I was inspired by the mothers I saw experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, and stress through motherhood with no guidance on how to manage it. I built my business for those mothers,” she explained. 

Brittany Elliott LLC. is a company that brings resources, encouragement, and support for women as they adjust to balance motherhood and self-improvement. Resources include the Back to You In 5 Program and Podcast, Your Self-Care Journey Workshop, a self-care routine, a downloadable journal, a 30-day self-care challenge, and a self-assessment form to determine your self-care strengths and weaknesses. “I want mothers to take control of their lives and manage their emotions instead of succumbing to motherhood,” says Brittany. “I want them to feel empowered by it, to understand that all of the layers of themselves have value in their role as mothers. We become great mothers by being true to ourselves and feeling whole as women.”

For the future of her business, Brittany wants to increase enrollment in her programs. She also wants to write a book illustrating the benefits of self-care along the motherhood journey. Brittany feels that if “you have an idea that may help a lot of people – you shouldn’t keep it inside.” Along her journey as an entrepreneur and mother, Brittany joined IAW and the Pittsburg Local Chapter. IAW provided a platform to share her services with mothers all around the globe while opening up numerous learning opportunities. 

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