Featured Member: Bonnie Ross

The call to coach was a nagging feeling that grew over time for Bonnie A. Ross. This year, she was wrapping up her 25-year career as an HR executive at a Fortune 100 company when she saw an opportunity to build her business. In October 2023, she opened Bonnie A Ross Energy Mentorship and Coaching and left her executive position behind.

Coaching was not a new skill for Bonnie, as she cultivated it throughout her corporate journey. She coached both in-house and externally to help professionals grow into their accomplishments. “I have an unwavering belief that every person is gifted and needed in this world. It is like watching a great sculptor at work, watching my clients remove everything that is “not them” to allow their authentic self to shine through,” said Bonnie.

Specifically, she sought to help professionals confidently embrace their authentic identity in a new role, overcoming imposter syndrome. Besides imposter syndrome, Bonnie’s coaching focuses on strengthening confidence, life transitions, reframing relationships, and more. She specializes in Quantum Human Design (TM), Authentic Confidence, and Energetic Balance. Her motto is, “Be it ’til you feel it!”

Recently, Bonnie also launched “A Coach in Your Corner,” a monthly subscription service of up to two 45-minute sessions. “As a been-there-seen-that coach, I bring all my life and business experience to my clients and provide a safe, professional place to work through decisions, complications, and opportunities,” explained Bonnie. Some of her life experiences attract clients from the disabled veteran community who transition to civilian life as Bonnie personally understands their journey.

As she continues to expand her business, Bonnie is learning and connecting with other professional women in the International Association of Women. “Now more than ever the power of a strong, talented community of women cannot be underestimated,” she said. “In IAW, we have shared experiences that create an empathy that is empowering beyond words. It is the feeling of belonging and a shared knowledge that is validating.”

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