Featured Member: Eliz Nestorov

Eliz Nestorov, founder and CEO of AKAEVA Consulting LLC,  has assisted non-English speaking individuals at the International Service Center since 2006. Through her work, she saw a gap between the resources available and the accessibility for those who need them. “New Not-For-Profit organizations are very vulnerable when they first get established because they need help choosing the right board, applying the right community outreach strategy, developing campaigns, organizing fundraising events, soliciting grants and corporate sponsorships. All of these aspects require training and extensive knowledge to be successful,” says Eliz, which is why she founded AKAEVA Consulting to assist new organizations in moving to their next level of impact. 

As she helps organizations grow, over time, it becomes harder and harder to say goodbye. She feels the most challenging aspect is letting go of them once they’ve received the support needed. “It’s hard for me to stop working with them since we’ve become a team. Although our contractual duties might have ended, I still like to check in and see how their organizations are doing from time to time,” says Eliz. However, she says this is also the most rewarding aspect of her business, seeing those she helped achieve their goals and flourish. This was the reason she founded the organization in the first place. Eliz says she “feels blessed to have the opportunity to fulfill my dream of helping others achieve their ‘American dream.’”

In the future, Eliz hopes to continue working with marginalized communities to share resources, influence change, and inspire action. “I hope to impact many more women who need to make a life for themselves and their families in the U.S,” says Eliz. “I only wish to set an example for other women who have dreams of being themselves.” Her love of helping others came from an influential person in her life, her mother 

Eliz’s mother was a single parent navigating parenthood and the many challenges in Bulgaria while Eliz was growing up. Her perseverance and love supported Eliz to follow her dreams. “She has always supported my goals in life, and inspired me to better myself at everything I do,” explained Eliz. “Who I am today, is because of her – the woman who shaped me into a strong, hard-working, courageous, and dedicated woman.” 

Sharing that love of support and inspiration with other women, Eliz joined IAW and is the Vice President of Washington, D.C Local Chapter for the International Association of Women. She was amazed at finding a community of passionate women who give so much to each other. “I am eager to get involved even more and share with other women how great and beneficial this organization is! I feel lucky to be a part of the IAW community!” says Eliz. She advises new members to take advantage of IAW’s resources, webinars, network, and professional and entrepreneurial opportunities. “Most importantly, be active and engage with the association to maximize your membership!” says Eliz. 

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