Featured Member: Jeanette Chandler

The transition from professional NFL cheerleader to mom impacted Jeanette Chandler’s life. Throughout her pregnancy, she gained 60 pounds and felt uncomfortable in her skin. Yet, between her nutritionist skill set and determination, Jeanette started on a journey to help women like herself. Her business, Fit With Jeanette empowers and impacts women to be better versions of themselves.

“The moment I decided I wanted my son to see the best parts of me consistently was the day my career started. I needed to do this not only for him but for myself.”

Her advice to other women looking to improve their physical fitness is to “put yourself first no matter what. You are non-negotiable. Take the time to take care of yourself. It is absolutely necessary.” 

She is now a certified group fitness instructor offering online Fit Camps. The Fit Camps include meal plans, workouts, motivation, and one-on-one support. “What I find most rewarding is when my clients love who they are unconditionally and accept all of themselves,” said Jeanette. “My future goals are to empower and impact millions of women to be better versions of themselves by writing a book.” 

Supporting her business growth is her connection to the International Association of Women. “IAW means to me a sisterhood, a loving, empowering environment of exceptional women coming together for a common cause. It represents collaboration, fun, and motivation,” she said.

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