Featured Member: Marie C. Zoutomou-Quintanilla

Just 10 years ago Marie C. Zoutomou-Quintanilla fought for her life against breast cancer. She asked God to save her and, in return, she would help others. Thankfully, she won her battle and went on to become a volunteer speaker for the American Cancer Society. She also wrote a motivational book titled “You Are Being Tested, Do not Worry” that talks about her struggles and how faith can support people through life challenges. It is also a TV show she hosts about educating oneself, providing everyday life tips, and sharing life stories. “As I face my own struggles in life, I always aspire to keep a positive attitude, faith, and the ability to inspire others to strive for a better future,” says Marie. 

Today, she works as a business consultant, life and corporate coach, and motivational speaker at Seek Coaching. As a business consultant, Marie strives to keep their doors open using her expertise in areas such as technology, HR services, HRG, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Worker’s Compensation, Health & Benefits, and 401k. Her work as a coach involves working with a wide range of clients like nonprofits, schools, and churches. “I deliver my services in person, online, or by telephone and offer various coaching options, including 10-minute “laser” coaching sessions on the phone, half-hour in-person sessions, full-day training programs for companies, and weekend retreats for groups of individuals,” explained Marie.

Her goal for this year is to help 6 million or more people live their best life as it is one of her favorite aspects of her work. “The most rewarding things about my business are educating, providing everyday life tips, and improving my client’s quality of life. Most importantly helping them live their best life. I am always looking for ways to inspire and uplift others to make a difference in the world, starting with people recognizing the true potential that is held within themselves,” said Marie. Her advice to other leaders is to remember that they are strong, capable, intelligent, beautiful, and most importantly not alone. 

One way Marie realized she was not alone was through her membership with the International Association of Women. “IAW has helped me network with like-minded women. This benefit provides an opportunity to share my story, speak, promote myself, and inspire others,” said Marie.

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