Featured Member: Yvette Vaughn 

Sometimes someone else helps you see your passion. For Yvette Vaughn, her powers of personal growth, spiritual awakening, and self-awareness supported people around her for years before a family member pointed it out. After that, Yvette became a dedicated life coach and President of TruLife Coaching & Self-Development Inc

“I love helping people, talking to people, sharing information on how they can be better, and discussing their life or situation. I became a Life Coach in 2019, and helping people is what I’m here for,” she said. Yvette finds it most rewarding when her clients find their inner truth through her guidance. 

In the future, she hopes to become a leading provider of transformational life coaching services for women. Her advice to women on a journey of self-explorations is to “stay true to yourself, be honest, and always give a little extra. I encourage you to also actively support and uplift women in your personal and professional circles. Listen to their experiences, amplify their voices, give credit where it is due, and offer assistance when needed.” 

As Yvette supports women, she found support herself through the International Association of Women. “IAW is an opportunity to connect with women all over the globe. If I wasn’t a member of IAW, I don’t think that I would be one of three finalists that will be awarded at the Inspire U Gala in Atlanta, GA in October 2023,” she said. Her advice to new members of IAW is to network and check out all the benefits IAW has to offer. 

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