Featured Member: Simone Gemkow

From engineer to leader, Simone Gemkow’s mission is to empower ambitious women to break barriers. Automotive engineering has always been her passion, and after some time as the People Manager at McLaren Automotive, Simone began her blog, Career with a View

“My transition from engineer to leader fuels this platform’s content. I’m here for you, believing in your potential. Remember, the journey’s view is always worth it!”

Yet, her transition was not the smoothest. She worked hard to break free from her comfort zone, diving into the unknown headfirst. “I stayed true to my mission of empowering every ambitious woman out there,” she explained. “But with challenges come rewards. Every time I witness a fellow career-driven woman find her voice, shatter barriers, and climb her unique ladder of success, my heart swells with pride. The messages of breakthroughs, the stories of newfound confidence, and the gratitude for guidance make every hurdle worth it.”

Simone’s future goals are to build a global community of ambitious women. “With the insights from Career with a View and my personal experiences, I aspire to empower, guide, and champion women in their diverse career journeys,” she said. 

Other than building her global community, Simone draws on the support, resources, and friendships of the International Association of Women. “Joining the IAW community was a pivotal moment for both my personal growth and the development of Career with a View. The association’s commitment to empowering women has resonated deeply, influencing the content and direction of my blog,” said Simone. 

“To me, IAW is more than an association; it’s a global community that champions and uplifts every member. IAW stands as a testament to the power of collective female ambition, and its influence on Career with a View has been nothing short of transformative.”

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