Featured Member: Heather Rose Is Proud To Promote Products She Believes In

As an Entrepreneur, Heather Rose is proud to promote products she believes in.

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Helping Myself and Others

Holding down a full-time job, volunteering and spending time with my husband and family, I often felt my energy level was depleted. Since I knew energy drinks were not good for you and I don’t like coffee, I needed something to get me through my busy days. I got started with Pruvit because I kept hearing about all the benefits ketones had to offer, such as energy, mind clarity and weight loss. Once I tried it, it was like nothing I had ever drank before. I had more energy and mind clarity than ever and I even took on an additional full-time job at work.

I tried Monat, which is a shampoo and conditioner, because I overheard several customers talking about how great the product was and how it really helped their thinning hair. I couldn’t wait to try it because I started losing my hair after a surgery I had. It has come back some over the years but I am still very thin on top. Thankfully, this product has helped my greatly with that and I’m getting all my hair back. I was so ashamed and embarrassed when I started losing my hair but once I started talking to others I realized I wasn’t not alone and I’m now proud to share my stories.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

I have worked in the dental field for more than 20 years. Now, as an Independent Consultant for these two products, I can proudly add Entrepreneur to my resume.

Of course, I am not an expert; however, I can say from my own personal experience both of these products have been life-changing for me and I would not want to live another day without them. I do have amazing experts that 100% support and stand behind me at Pruvit if anyone had a question I am unable to answer though. In fact, feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions because we’re in this together. I’m not here just to make a sale…I truly love and back both of these products and I will always be by your side if you have any questions while using them.

Relishing the Rewards

Getting people to try the products can be difficult. I work a full-time job at a very mirco-managed office so I don’t have the access to talk to many people about how amazing these products are. It’s beyond rewarding when I do an event, someone buys a sample pack and texts me to thank me for introducing the product to them because they experience the benefits.

My future goals are to grow my businesses to the point where I can be a full-time consultant for both products. I want to continue to educate and help changes lives. Having recently joined IAW, but I’m planning on all positive and amazing things happening that will help me meet my goals.

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