Featured Member: Camilla Gray-Nelson

Are you ready to take the reins? Camilla Gray Nelson is the president and founder of Dairydell Canine, a nature-based training center on her family farm in northern California. There, she teaches women about leadership through the eyes of animals. 

“I teach women how to understand and channel deep-seated instincts (whether in their dog, their kids, their boss, their staff, or their partner) to elicit the willing cooperation necessary to reach their goals. Nature herself holds the simple truths that point the way to authentic achievement, joy, and happiness,” explained Camilla. Over time, her business grew organically and consistently ranked in the Top 15 Women-Owned businesses in Northern California. She also wrote an award-winning book, “Lipstick and the Leash: Dog Training a Woman’s Way,” and recently published “Harvest Your Happy: A Farm Girl’s Guide to Leading, Succeeding and Living Your Best Life.”

Camilla credits her motivation to thrive from her father, who always asked, “What’s next?”

To reach a wider audience, Camilla expanded her business to include Farm Girls Lead, an online brand that shares animal secrets of leadership, cooperation, and success for women. Her clients range from business leaders to couples and working moms. She hopes to “continue spreading my insights and life perspective globally through my Farm Girls Lead company. To write more books, do more speaking, and produce more online content.”

As she continues to grow her business, Camilla finds support through her Influencer membership with the International Association of Women. IAW offers unlimited networking events, weekly webinars, speaking opportunities, and more. “IAW will be an effective platform for boosting my company’s visibility and message, as well as increasing collaborative connections with other women and groups,” she said.

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