Featured Member: Jeannine Rutledge’s search for a natural beauty product that brings results has fueled her passion to help other women

Problem Solved

I got started in this business because I wanted to solve a problem. As a result of Lupus, I had scars on my face and I couldn’t afford the over-the-counter products to fix them. Plus, those products barely worked. I figured if I solved this problem for myself, I would share the solution with everyone. I guess, I am inspired by all the women in the world who want to show their natural beauty.

After much research and two years of testing, I found the right combinations of natural ingredients and essential oils and created Lacy Pure & Simple, a beauty product line that heals scars and removes dark spots and patches.

Motivated to Help Others

I do so many things, but If I had to pick one thing I’m really good at, it is motivating others. As an Author of motivational books, a mentor and mother, I might consider myself an expert in motivation and public speaking. I have more than ten years of experience as an Instructor and Training Manager. I do feel comfortable in front of an audience.

My advice to other women is to find your passion. The one thing that drives me is my passion to do the things I set out to do. When I talk to people about breaking habits or doing the things they want to do, the first thing we discuss is their passion; what motivates them. You have to be your greatest motivation (that is one of my books, by the way).

Challenges and Rewards

The most challenging thing about my career is knowing that it is challenging. I realize nothing worth doing is ever easy. If I want to succeed, I have to work hard and give it my all. It takes time and I can’t give in when it seems I’m not winning.

However, the most rewarding part of my career or my business is the reward and success. My favorite part is when a woman tries my product and says to me, “Oh my goodness, I see the difference.” Or, when I push really hard for a formula and bang, there it is, it works and it is great. Success in my business comes in many forms and sizes. I take them all. A win is a win. When you are doing what you love, it is all worth the challenges. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

Goals and Dreams

There is a fine line between my future goals and my dreams. I dream of offering my products to every person around the world to help remove the scars and dark marks and patches they have been living with. As a goal, I seek to launch and manage a successful business.

I would like to mentor and encourage other women to reach for the stars. Go after their dreams to do whatever it is they dream to do. If I could become a Motivational Speaker full time outside of my business, I suppose that would be my goal.

Thank you, IAW!
I have to be honest and say IAW has motivated me to motivate other women. It has also encouraged me to put my business out in the open and tell my story. I had never considered telling my story until I met IAW. I am thankful for that. I feel like I am expanding my horizons.

My advice to other IAW members is to follow the path. Take advantage of all the tools, resources and opportunities this organization offers. Participate, communicate and engage. If you can do anything, networking and connecting with like-minded women is your first step to motivate and find your passion. I am so motivated by each and every woman who is a member of IAW. Here is where you can grow.

Thank you IAW for the motivation and the opportunity to tell my story. There is great value in allowing someone to build confidence and motivation by acknowledging what makes them great.

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