Featured Member: Lisa Marie Taylor’s Mission to Educate Women About Thermography

Lisa Marie Taylor has made it her mission to educate other women about thermography, a non-invasive, no radiation 15-minute screening procedure used to detect subtle changes in physiology that may indicate early stage cancer or other breast disease.

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Prevention and Early Detection is Always Best

With a family history of breast cancer, I am well aware of the importance of early detection. I personally chose thermography rather than mammography due to the radiation risk of a mammography but also because I was breast feeding at the time. I wanted some type of screening but something that demonstrated changes in my health before a tumor was there if possible. I am a firm believer in more than one diagnostic tool as no one method is 100%.

My grandmother on my mother’s side died from breast cancer and my sister-in-law is one of a long line of women in her family stricken by breast cancer. I am a firm believer in knowing your health at any stage and preventative is best, or at least, knowing changes that are occurring in advance to assist in changing the course or path of things is key.

My Mission

A Certified Clinical Thermographer, I started my business, FIT2B Breast & Body Thermography, because I wanted to let others know about this non-invasive, no radiation, painless screening procedure, which is FDA cleared as an adjunct tool to mammography, and to give them access to it. Thermography [digital Infrared thermal imaging (DITI)] is a test of physiology and detects subtle changes that could be markers to future breast health issues. I believe an adjunct such as thermography to detect early changes in the breast is key to improving outcomes or give us peace of mind. It also is used in sports medicine as a diagnostic tool.

I am passionate about educating the public as well as physicians about adding thermography to every women’s breast health screening as a standard of care along with other methods. Although this sometimes can be a challenging endeavor, helping other women understand that they do have options when it comes to their own health is extremely rewarding.

Looking Toward the Future

My hope for the future is to be a partner with all breast cancer patient support groups and to be a leader and a pioneer in establishing a platform for educating women about thermography as a key part of breast health screening. I am very excited to be a part of IAW. I see it as a village of support and inspiration for me and a place where I can offer my own support and inspiration to other members. I look forward to all that is to be learned.

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