Featured Member: Dr. Linette Montae

Today, Dr. Lienette is the CEO at Linette Montae International and Profitable Empires™. She designs tools to empower women’s leadership and advocate for change in male-dominated industries. “Recognizing the challenges women face in establishing authority, I was inspired to create platforms that would guide them in penning their expertise, elevating their credibility, and positioning them as industry authorities, she said.” When Dr. Lienette witnesses a woman transform after using her methods is the most rewarding aspect of her business. 

Her advice to other women leaders is to “remember that authenticity is your greatest asset. Utilize tools and platforms, like our proprietary Authentic Voice™ METHOD, to elevate your visibility and credibility and position yourself as an authority in your industry.” Aiding women leaders was just the beginning for Dr. Linette as she is expanding into other professional women’s issues. 

“I envision a world where every woman, irrespective of her background, is poised to live, to lead, and to leave a legacy that is happy, healthy, and wealthy… the superwoman cape is no longer desired!”

Supporting her vision are the many women around the world part of the International Association of Women. “IAW provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and growth,” said Dr. Linette. “It’s a community that fosters empowerment, celebrates achievements, and champions women leaders. To me, IAW signifies unity, strength, and the collective power of women coming together to redefine success narratives.”

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