Featured Member: Felicha Stanley 

Dedicated to women empowering women, Felicha Stanley created her non-profit to deliver support and resources to women in her community. After over a decade of working as an educator, she saw the struggles of young girls and women failing to reach their goals due to a lack of resources. 

“I set out to focus on giving women a hand up with a focus on education, career, goals, and succession planning, and for the girls more on careers, financial literacy, character development, and relationships. I personally needed help and support in the workplace and in my personal life as well. I began to think that there must be many women in my same situation, and if I can make a difference in their lives, I will get started now, and I made that decision to get the process started,” she said.

Today, her nonprofit Women Empowering Women hosts events, like workshops and training, offers mentoring for women and girls, provides local resources to women in the Dallas area, and more. “The most rewarding part about my career is when ladies ask about becoming a mentor for my women or girls mentoring program, or when I can look on social media and see the number of visitors and fans who are connecting with me,” she explained. 

Felicha has big plans for her nonprofit in the future starting with hosting larger in-person events, hiring more full-time staff, and becoming a speaker on women’s empowerment. She also hopes to continue writing books on women’s empowerment and host a podcast series. “Growing the services that we provide for women and girls will allow us to be more impactful. We want to reach a larger population of women and young girls,” she said. 

Her advice to other women is to “set your goals and dreams very big and don’t be afraid to reach them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Use your expertise to mentor a woman or young girl. Support women’s causes that make communities better. Always fight for women’s rights. Teach a woman how to use her voice to make a difference.”

Other than building her local community of supportive women, Felicha is a part of the International Association of Women. Her membership helped her to connect with other female entrepreneurs, find resources, and expand her management skills. “I love IAW and all the great people whom I have met and built relationships with and every resource that I have had the opportunity to receive,” she said. Felicha is also the vice president of the IAW Dallas Fort-Worth Local Chapter.

For new IAW members, Felicha encourages them to take advantage of IAW’s benefits and leadership opportunities. “Meet as many women as you can and build relationships,” she said. “Know that there is always someone you can call to get your question answered. Be active and participate in the events that are of interest to you.”

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