Chapter Spotlight: Dr. LaVerne Adams in Washington, D.C.

Dr. LaVerne Adams, President of IAW’s Washington, DC Chapter, is passionate about supporting and mentoring women

Twice as Good

I have had the privilege of relaunching two chapters. Previously, I was President of the Philadelphia Chapter and now I am President of the Washington, DC Chapter.

It gives me great joy to serve as a mentor to women in these regions and provide them with content that helps them to achieve. I am passionate about supporting and mentoring professional women, helping them to attain higher levels of satisfaction and joy in their personal and professional lives.

Making an Impact As part of our mission to serve the community, the DC Chapter has established relationships with a number of local nonprofits that serve women trying to get back on their feet, including Calvary Women, House of Ruth and My Sisters Place. The funds we collect through registrations, raffles and donations go to these causes. We’re also exploring volunteer opportunities at local soup kitchens, hospitals, schools, etc., and hosting a clothing drive for aspiring professional women and business owners in need.

Getting Social

We have some very exciting plans for our future! We are preparing to make the Chapter even more inviting and accessible to the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia) area by hosting more of our meetings at destination sites as well as sponsoring more social events.

The theme of our recent June meeting was “Financial Stability for Professional Women” and our guest speaker was Milvia Garrido, a Financial Professional at Axa Advisors. She shared her expertise and knowledge about financial goals, estate strategies and insurance needs. Themes of upcoming meetings include “Finding Confidence” and “Tips for Business Plans.”

Other ideas we’re working on include a monthly online contest for added exposure at meetings, a monthly business spotlight feature on the Chapter page, an IAW Washington, DC, Chapter app for phones, quarterly business events and networking mixers where the Chapter partners with local restaurants, a business expo and collaborating with local schools and/or community groups for family-friendly event.

A Credible Leader

Being the President of the IAW DC Chapter has certainly helped me boost my credibility especially in light of the fact that I was appointed by IAW to relaunch the DC Chapter. I believe that my proven skills, ability and competency in the past have afford me this opportunity.

For the past 10 years, I have been a Certified Professional Coach helping my clients realize their dreams by giving them the tools they need to accomplish their goals in the least amount of time than if they tried to do it themselves. As an Ordained Minister and Spiritual Leader for more than 20 years, I know firsthand how important it is for people to feel a deep sense of meaning, satisfaction and joy in their lives, and my work helps to facilitate this.

Different Chapter, Same Goals

I have been President of the IAW DC chapter just for a few months since relocating to the area but the duties are very familiar to me from when I was the President of the Philadelphia Chapter. The skills are perfectly transferable, which makes this an easy transition.

About twice a month, I set up our leadership team meetings so that we can discuss what is needed to host our monthly meetings as it relates to the speaker, location and agenda. I also help with gathering the refreshments and securing the raffle items as well as anything else that would help to advance the Chapter and make it more marketable. Each month, I set up the event in Eventbrite and then post it to the IAW DC webpage, Facebook and LinkedIn for further marketing opportunities and exposure.

Using My Skills I am a Transformational Leadership Consultant at Total Life Consultancy. LLC. I am an excellent organizer and administrator. I use these skills to bring leaders together and invite others to come. I am well-versed in Transformational Leadership, which dynamically includes the input and opinion of all involved to produce ownership and foster engagement and, more importantly, build strong authentic relationships.

Looking Toward the Future

It is my hope that professional women in the DMV area take advantage of this unique IAW platform. IAW’s programing is designed to cater specifically to their needs. It not only inspires and empowers members, it also offers them the valuable tools they need to grow personally and professionally.

We want the membership in our area to know that we want your input to make the Washington, DC Chapter relevant and valuable in your personal and professional development. If you want to hone your skills, there are still a few leadership positions available in our Chapter for those who understand the importance of taking advantage of a growth opportunity and making a difference at the same time.

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