Featured Member: Lori Dobrin Turcanu

Defining your style can be the one thing keeping you from moving up. Lori Dobrin’s, an Image and Lifestyle Expert, mission is to increase awareness of how personal image impacts our daily lives. 

“I’ve always been captivated by the rich tapestry of people and social hierarchies, recognizing that what sets individuals apart are often just details, attainable by anyone armed with the right knowledge and guidance,” said Lori. “This fascination fueled my dedication to mastering the intricacies that define personal appearance, knowing they hold the power to shape credibility and social standing.”

She established Arrange Moi, an image consulting and luxury lifestyle coaching company, to empower individuals by transforming their image. Some of Lori’s services include a personal style assessment, one-on-one coaching, a luxury mindset workshop, refining social skills, mastering dining etiquette, fostering a positive mindset, and live group styling coaching. “The most rewarding aspect is seeing my client’s lightbulb moments and how the new information and techniques positively affect their lives; it’s truly priceless,” said Lori. 

Her advice to other professionals seeking personal styling tips is to embrace self-discovery, advocate self-confidence, celebrate “aha” moments, continue self-improvement, dare to be unique, and practice resilience. 

“I wholeheartedly yearn to inspire all these incredible women to let go of their egos and cast aside the singular pursuit of business success. Let us all join hands in crafting a community of resounding success. Beyond the clients we serve outside these walls, let’s be a shining nucleus of formidable women, pooling our knowledge, support, and resilience. In a world that often forgets the power of unity and empathy, let us be the guiding light that empowers, uplifts, and transforms lives.”

Lori has big plans to grow her company in the future. Everything from educational content and boosting awareness to collaborating with fashion brands and influencers is in her strategy for the upcoming years of Arrange Moi. As she continues to develop, Lori finds support from the community of women at the International Association of Women

“IAW provides a platform where we can unite and inspire growth,” she said. “For me, it’s a chance to share as much valuable information as possible, contributing to a community of accomplished women who, in turn, can inspire others in their communities.”

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