Featured Member: Wendy Preyssler

After experiencing coaching in a year-long leadership development program, Wendy Preyssler saw a vast improvement in herself and wanted to do the same for others. “It took a life-changing experience to pursue coaching full-time and create Coaching by Wendy. I support leaders in getting out of their way and into action from a more powerful place to create a positive, lasting impact on people in their personal and professional lives,” she explained. 

Her business offers individuals, such as executives and entrepreneurs, one-on-one coaching or leadership assessments. She also hosts retreats and workshops for executive boards. Through insight and honest communication, Wendy helps her clients identify their blind spots and develop an action plan to build impactful relationships in the future. 

Wendy especially loves coaching women. “When I took a few years off to care for my grandmother, I realized that I wanted to do something where I was making a difference daily, as I had with my grandmother,” said Wendy. “I care deeply about helping women professionals become all that they can be in life, and that is why I serve as a coach.” 

Since her grandmother’s passing, Wendy has worked hard to grow as a coach. Today, she is one of the 4% of coaches to receive the Master Certified Coach Credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Wendy also received the Best Leadership Coach of the Year in 2022. She hopes her future will be as an elected board member of the ICF. 

Part of her continued professional growth comes from participating in the International Association of Women. “I’ve met a lot of phenomenal women and made excellent connections when I organized and delivered complimentary coaching sessions for the IAW Summits,” she said. “My advice to any new member is to get involved in your local chapter, identify which of the pillars will support you, and select something every week to participate in to learn, grow, and develop.”

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