Featured Member: Lisa Etzel Works Tirelessly to Empower Women

As a Leadership and Sexual Harassment Coach, Lisa Etzel works tirelessly to empower women.

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Doing My Part I have been a Psychotherapist for 18 years. Before establishing my private practice, I worked in corporate America and was a small business owner. In 2016, I became a Board Certified Coach.

Today, as a Leadership and Sexual Harassment Coach at Empowering #MeToo, I feel it is imperative that I participate in this cultural and societal change. It is my mission to embolden and inspire women who have been or felt threatened or pressured in the workplace. I do that through leadership and harassment coaching where I support and empower women who are targets of harassment.

Taking a Stand

My goal is to create stability and a sense of security in the workplace for all women. My advice to women who feel victimized is to stand in your truth. Uncover your resources. Have a support network. Know you have choices and deserve respect and dignity in the workplace.

Empowering women has been my life-long work. To accomplish this, I also work with leaders in companies who are fully aware that transparency and excellent leadership creates integrity, equality and dignity in the workplace. I believe all leaders should strive to authentically support advancement, and foster healthy relationships, conflict transformation and overall higher engagement at work.

Inviting all IAW Members

On Tuesday, March 26 at 12 pm EST, I will be hosting an IAW eCoaching session titled, Empowering #MeToo – How to Battle Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, and I invite you all to attend. To register, click here. I have received excellent exposure, education and support from IAW. I encourage all members to go through the website and take advantage of the activity walls.

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