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Sometimes we spend so much time figuring out what we are doing now that we fail to think about where we are going. Quay Eady, speaker, career coach, and consultant, has a winding career path. “I spent a lot of my life chasing success instead of fulfillment,” she says. It began when her high school’s stifling environment wasn’t helping her grow, so she left for night school to enter the Navy. “Going to the Navy really made the world seem bigger than just my neighborhood. Traveling to different countries and meeting so many different people from different cultures made me feel there was so much more out there,” she said. Quay served as a Sonar Technician on board the USS Winston S. Churchill for 5 years. One important lesson she learned from her time was that  “leaders lead, and you don’t wait to be assigned to leadership.”

After her time in the Navy, she wanted to learn more so she pursued her bachelor’s in finance and master’s degrees in organizational management and business administration. It was the start of her path in corporate America. While studying with Bob Proctor, a self-help author and lecturer, she began to work more on her self-awareness and what she wanted for her life. Working as the Corporate Director of Table Games Analytics for a large hotel and casino chain, Quay found that she was lacking fulfillment in her career. When a new company policy was introduced at work, Quay found that she no longer agreed with the corporate culture and that it was her time to leave the corporate job. She spent time reflecting and realized that her passion lay in speaking, inspiring others, and motivating people to do more with their lives.

With this newfound passion, she dove into training to become a career consultant and speaker. “I need to learn from the people who do it the best so I can move faster. That’s my secret to success” she says. Now, she is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching and holds a Master Coach certification. She also has learned from programs by many notable coaches like Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, and Les Brown. Her consulting helps people realign their life and career to reflect the vision they want for themselves. “Where am I going if I don’t set a destination in my internal GPS, then I’m just running in circles,” Quay says. Once her client has a vision, she teaches them strategic motivation through a weekend workshop called Momentum Mastery. This helps them to keep their momentum as they work towards their goals. 

Through her journey to fulfillment, IAW supported her growth. She feels that being in the right room is important when gaining the skills to succeed. “Greatness knows no gender. Greatness knows no race. Greatness goes to the person who wants to be great and IAW puts great people in a room with each other to make other people greater” she says.

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