Featured Member: Katrina Brittingham Found Inspiration in IAW

Katrina Brittingham was inspired to change careers by her involvement with IAW’s Philadelphia Chapter.

From Healthcare to Coaching

What inspired me to start my business was the President and leadership of the NAPW (now IAW) Philadelphia Chapter back in 2012. I had been working in healthcare for more than a decade and was doing well in my career, but I had a passion for helping others who were not getting where they needed to be. Nakita Thigpen, the then-President of the Local Chapter, encouraged and inspired me to start a coaching business to help those individuals.

Since then, I have founded, VentureReady LLC and have obtained coaching certifications so I can be of value to my clients. My areas of expertise include executive and career coaching, business strategies, interview readiness, job search strategies and business planning. I also founded an online radio and tv broadcasting network, Venture Ready Broadcasting Network, which streams to 170 countries, and authored two books with another coming out in the fall. I also have spoken at countless events on career development, transition and business strategies.

Nothing is Impossible

My advice to other women who are contemplating a career change or looking to pursue new goals, is to go for your dreams; it is not impossible. You can pivot and reinvent yourself. The resources and help will come, just start. The most rewarding part of my career is that I love to get up every morning to do my job. If you follow your heart, chances are you will be able to say the same thing.

I have two books available on Amazon.com that will help those who are looking for a new career or deciding if they should apply for a new role in their current company or industry: Create an Interview Winning Résumé: Successfully Market Your Professional Brand…Land the Interview (Interview Readiness) and The Complete Interview Readiness Guide: Build Confidence…Electrify the Room…Get Hired!

Future Goals

My future plans are to continue to grow and thrive so that I can help more people realize their dreams. It is also to inspire those who are just starting out or who have hit some bumps in the road along the way to get up and try again.

IAW Shaped My Career

If it wasn’t for NAPW, now IAW, I would not be in the place that I am: loving my career and helping people to get to the place where they love what they do. I never had a mind to start a business, but now that I have, I can’t imagine living any other way.

My advice to other IAW members is to go to meetings and connect with your fellow members. Build relationships and you will find colleagues, mentors and lifelong friends. Ask questions and get involved in the Local Chapter and the events.

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