Featured Member: Debbie Morehead

When a relationship went very wrong for Debbie Morehead, it launched her career path 30-plus years ago. “I was in a relationship with a man who had an addiction problem, stole from me, and cheated on me. Somewhere in me, I knew relationships didn’t have to be that way,” she explained. That one experience led Debbie to earn her master’s in marriage and family therapy and establish a practice where she’s since helped thousands of women and couples create happier, healthier lives.

Debbie also specialized in trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy and completed the Gottman Couples Training levels one and two. She holds a California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) certification in Clinical Supervision. Her dedication to continuous learning and passion for supporting others made her successful. 

“When you work with me, my main priority is for you to experience a loving, supportive, nonjudgmental, safe space to grow. I do that to be with you in your pain, to help normalize all your thoughts and feelings while giving you more helpful ways to think about things and practical steps to do things differently. Because when you think and do things differently, you will be happier and create more relationship happiness.”

Debbie offers online therapy, individual therapy, VIP couple intensive therapy, and a women’s insider circle group. The most rewarding aspect of her job is “when I work with a person or even a couple in pain but determined to do whatever it takes to step through and get to the other side and create that amazing life and relationship they desired.” In the future, she hopes to expand her business and increase the capacity of her couples group to help thousands more find happiness. 

Her advice to other women is to step into your greatness. “Ladies, we so often get in our way. We don’t step into our greatness because we get too worried about what others think or say about us or don’t speak up for what we need or want,” she said. “What is inside you is amazing. Step into all of it! Speak up for what you want, and don’t settle for anything less.”

Part of stepping into her greatness is finding support from the International Association of Women (IAW). Debbie joined IAW to expand her entrepreneurial skills and connect with like-minded professionals like her. “Being a part of this amazing group of talented women is great. There is so much opportunity, wealth, and wisdom in this community of women,” she said.

She encourages her fellow members to utilize the IAW resources and connect with others. “When I started, I didn’t get involved and missed out. Don’t waste your time! Jump in! There is so much wealth in connections.” 

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