Meet the IAW Team: Nikki Childers

Personable, energetic, and passionate, IAW’s Director of Corporate Partners, Nikki Childers J.D., is dedicated to forming corporate relationships that support more than just the bottom line. Nikki strives to help people and communities with her work and aligns herself with companies that place a mission over profit. 

“IAW helps companies diversify their DEI efforts, increase employee retention by creating psychologically safe spaces for women, and provide professional development through our member resources. We’re trying to make a systemic change for the professional development of women.” 

Corporate partnerships were not a career path Nikki always thought of following. She loved sports and business but wasn’t sure what career best suited her. “When I was an intern trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I saw the sponsorship team had a ‘no’ pile. I asked if I could try to sell what they got no’s on, and they let me do it. I enjoyed the day-to-day work, and that experience dictated my path from there.” 

Since then, Nikki has worked with companies like the Chicago Sky WNBA and the Las Vegas Desert Dogs. She also once established a juvenile expungement summit to help local kids, which increased the number of companies who wanted to partner with her.

“If your intent is good, and you’re trying to help, then everything else will come, whatever that objective is.”

Nikki joined IAW almost a year ago because she saw an organization with the same values. At IAW, we are dedicated, present, engaged, and consistently showing up for our members and partners.

“People think that if they make a small impact that’s not big enough, therefore why make a ripple? But every small something towards a cause makes a change. Any partnership with IAW, whether you help your female talent pool or you evaluate your overall employee retention and happiness, any small effort you put forward makes a larger social change. IAW happens to be the most targeted, perfect approach to helping employers adjust their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.”

Outside work, Nikki spends her free time with her husband and three-year-old Ahmi. Having a child gave her a new approach to work-life balance. “That’s a large part of my why. Having and experiencing Ahmi has opened me up to a new perspective of the world. I realized I could be happy in every aspect of my life, not just one.”

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