Featured Member: Dalia Amin

Dalia Amin’s experience as a refugee and immigrant instilled leadership qualities at a young age. The challenges she faced ignited her passion to make a difference by engaging with international humanitarian and development organizations globally throughout her early career. Soon, she formed a mission to merge traditional leadership paradigms with a modern, dynamic perspective. Thus, Dalia founded Sunlit Strategies, offering leadership development and management services.

“Sunlit Strategies is more than just a business venture; it’s a manifestation of my aspiration to empower proactive leaders and foster organizational excellence,” she stated. The organization supports hundreds of individuals and companies, such as corporations, non-profits, the United Nations, and academic institutions. Dalia’s ultimate goal is to witness Sunlit Strategies emerge as a trailblazer that revolutionizes the approach to leadership and management.

“I aspire to redefine a leader’s approach to their roles and responsibilities, instilling in them a proactive and impactful mindset. It involves empowering individuals to lead effectively and catalyzing a shift in the leadership and management consulting landscape. With a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence, I envision Sunlit Strategies shaping a new era of leadership that brings about positive and sustainable change.”

Dalia’s most rewarding aspect of her work is strengthening her diverse range of clients and witnessing their growth. “Over the past decade of working within conflict zones with international NGOs providing emergency response, I witnessed hundreds of women facing unimaginable challenges. Their unwavering courage, determination, and sheer grit left an indelible mark on me,” she explained. 

“Observing these women gracefully navigate through adversity deeply impacted my outlook. Their stories served as a catalyst, compelling me to redirect my attention to establishing my leadership and management business. This endeavor empowers and uplifts women leaders globally.”

In April 2024, Sunlit Strategies is organizing a women’s wellness retreat to rejuvenate, inspire, and empower individuals seeking a balanced and fulfilling life. Dalia sees the retreat as the first step toward fostering a community of female leaders prioritizing personal well-being alongside professional growth. “In a nurturing and supportive atmosphere where women feel respected, valued, and comfortable, the wellness retreat encourages self-discovery, mutual care, and resilience in a serene location,” she said. 

You can register for the upcoming retreat at: https://sunlitstrat.com/events/7 

From her years of experience, Dalia offers advice to other women leaders. She encourages them to embrace their unique strengths and recognize their diversity as a powerful asset. Additionally, she advises women leaders to “strategically plan your career trajectory, aligning your goals with long-term vision. Embrace opportunities for skill development and consider diverse paths to leadership. Remember, your journey is uniquely yours, and by leveraging your strengths, cultivating resilience, and strategically navigating your path, you can achieve meaningful success and inspire positive change for yourself and those around you.”

Besides supporting women leaders through her business, Dalia finds empowerment through her membership with the International Association of Women. “Through IAW, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with diverse and accomplished women across various industries,” she said. “The supportive community and wealth of resources provided by IAW offered insights, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration.”

For women new to or interested in IAW, Dalia suggests they actively connect with the community through the events, share their expertise in speaking opportunities, and stay informed to ensure they get the most out of IAW’s resources. 

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