Featured Member: Irma Vargas Uses Her Talents to Help Others Find Success

Share Strengths

When I retired from public service in 2015, I searched for a way to help others focus on their talents and strengths. I became a Certified StrengthsFinder Coach and began highlighting others and their brilliance because I believe we all have a something to share with the world. It is my mission to help others discover, declare and develop their talents into strengths.

As Principal at V1H Consulting, LLC, I use my expertise in leadership development, personal development, team building and customer service.

Develop Talents

The first step in being successful is in identifying what your talents are and not focusing on your weaknesses. These are the areas to build upon. Outsource those things that drain you; they are not your talents.

Be a student and as your talents emerge, be willing to ask for what you need in areas that are not your talents. When you develop your talents, you will be able to communicate these four concepts effectively: (1) You get the best of me when…; (2) You get the worst of me when…; (3) I am committed to…; and (3) You can count on me to… These can be used with partners, vendors, clients and teams.

Future Plans

I am in the process of creating a series of Masterminds titled, “Be Your Own Leader.” These will be about focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses.

Work Together

I discovered through my membership that there are women across the world who want to shine and share their brilliance but don’t know how. We are all on a mission and together we are able to edify and share our journeys with each other and the world at large.

The IAW is unique and although there are other women’s organizations, I found the IAW even more heart centered than others. My advice to other members is to be consistent and persistent in reaching out to Local Chapters. The only way to be visible is to keep showing up. When you are ready to really get involved, seek out a leadership position. Lastly, be of service to others and you will reap the fruit of your labor.

Don’t Forget to Celebrate You!

One of the ways to stay positive and focused is to celebrate your #birthdayeveryday. Convert your birth month and day to time, set your alarm to go off every day at that time (mine is 5/13 = 5:13 a.m. or p.m.). At the designated time, stop and edify yourself with statements of affirmation: i.e., I am enough, I am valued, I am worthy, etc. Join the #birthdayeveryday movement and celebrate yourself every day.

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